45,000-year-old skull from Czechia is oldest human genome EVER found

The oldest DNA ever found in human remains belongs to a woman who lived in Czechia more than 45,000 years ago, a study has found.  Analysis of her skull reveals she was among the first batch of Homo sapiens to live in Eurasia after our species migrated out of Africa.  It is believed the woman, … Read more

UK ‘super covid’ has spread to EVERY US state as expert warns CDC needs to ramp up genome sequencing

The coronavirus variant that was first identified in the UK has now spread to every single state in the U.S. As of Tuesday, Oklahoma became the final state to confirm infections linked to the strain, known as B 1.1.7. There are currently at least 15,511 cases of the variant across the country, including in the … Read more

Genome sequencing traces likely roots of White House coronavirus strain

Scientists have sequenced the genome of a coronavirus strain that likely infected President Trump and dozens of his advisers and others with whom he came into contact.  It comes after the White House deemed the source of President Trump’s infection ‘unknowable,’ and refused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) offer to assist in … Read more

Coronavirus: Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of faking virus genome data to hide its ‘bioweapon’

A Chinese virologist who claims the coronavirus was cooked up in a military lab has accused Beijing of fabricating the virus genome data to cover up its ‘unrestricted bioweapon’. Although scientists are still unravelling the origin of the pandemic, it is widely suggested that the virus had jumped onto humans from wild animals, such as bats … Read more

Penicillin: fungus accidentally grown by Fleming in 1928 has its genome sequenced for the first time

The mould that changed the world: Penicillin fungus accidentally grown by Alexander Fleming in 1928 has its genome sequenced for the first time Researchers cultivated mould from frozen samples of Fleming’s original fungus They then compared its genome with those of modern strains used industrially These US versions make penicillin slightly differently to Flemings’ wild … Read more