The data of Albanians convicted in the world in an electronic register, the government approves the decision

18:28 29/03/2023 The Council of Ministers approved this Wednesday the register with the data of Albanian convicts in the world. According to the decision published on the official website of Prime Ministerthis register is a state database, through which information organized and stored in electronic form is collected for every final criminal decision, issued by … Read more

Vjosa National Park/Kumbaro: Political courage of the government, we have defied history with this decision

11:03 15/03/2023 From Tepelena, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, stated that the declaration of the last wild river in Europe, Vjosa, National Park is the result of a long and collaborative work with international partners. During her speech, Minister Kumbaro stated that this is no longer a fairy tale, but a reality … Read more

Berisha meeting with teachers: Education, the main victim of this regime. This government has divided the teacher

18:07 07/03/2023 “In 9 years, 760 schools have been closed, the number of teachers has been drastically reduced“ The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with teachers on the occasion of March 7. During his speech, chief democrat Berisha emphasized that teachers, especially Albanian teachers, with the conditions in which they … Read more

Today the opposition is protesting against the government

08:39 11/02/2023 The Democratic Party is protesting today against the Rama Government in a rally on “Dëshmorët e Kombit” boulevard that starts at 12:00. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, accuses Prime Minister Edi Rama of the “McGonigal” case. At the protest, they have declared that the entire opposition will be present, while … Read more

The “McGonigal” case, Taulant Balla: It has nothing to do with the Prime Minister or a member of the government

20:49 26/01/2023 The head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, spoke in a direct link to “Milori Live” about the most discussed events recently, where the main one was the case of the former senior FBI official McGonigal. The former official was recognized on Tuesday by the Washington Court with 9 … Read more

McGonigal allegations, Edi Rama: I met the FBI official, but the investigation has nothing to do with me and the government

17:57 25/01/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama says that he has met with former senior FBI official McGonigal, who is under indictment in the US, but this investigation has nothing to do with him. Speaking to the journalists after the meeting with the leaders of SP districts, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the meeting he … Read more

Movement in the government, the new deputy minister of Infrastructure and Energy is appointed

18:08 27/12/2022 The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Gjergji Simaku, has been relieved of his duties by decision of the Government. At today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers, the new Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Endrit Molla, was also appointed, who immediately takes up the position. Today’s government meeting was chaired by Prime Minister … Read more

Tensions in the north, Rama: Kosovo has all the support of the Albanian government

11:52 12/12/2022 While participating in the presentation of the project of the new commercial port of Durrës in Porto Romano, Prime Minister Edi Rama commented on the situation in the north of Kosovo. He said that the Kosovo government has all the solidarity, understanding and support of the Albanian government. “First, I would like to … Read more

Reconstruction from the earthquake, Berisha: The government used the funds to buy votes

12:40 26/11/2022 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha, in a live communication on Facebook, today expressed his condolences for the 51 victims of the earthquake of the past 3 years in the country. Berisha said that the current government is responsible for the lost lives, did not punish the real perpetrators and massively wasted the earthquake fund. … Read more