Twins who stole their grandparents’ life savings ‘still haven’t said sorry or paid back a penny’

Twins who stole their grandparents’ £8,000 life savings while running errands with their bank card ‘still haven’t said sorry or paid back a penny’ three months after being spared jail Clair and Louise Smith, 25, pleaded guilty to stealing £8,000 from grandparents They were spared jail and not ordered by the court to pay back … Read more

Boy reunites with his vaccinated grandparents for the first time in EIGHT MONTHS

Heartwarming moment a boy bursts into tears as he hugs his vaccinated grandparents for the first time in EIGHT MONTHS in surprise reunion Niki Dowell, 42, from Slidell, Louisiana, had her parents, Tom and Fran Cearley, surprise her son, Patrick after they got their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine The Cearleys moved to Florida eight months … Read more

Call The Midwife’s Leonie Elliott reveals she ‘fact-checked the script’ with grandparents

Call The Midwife’s Leonie Elliott reveals she ‘fact-checks the scripts’ with her Jamaican grandparents as she talks about playing the show’s first Caribbean medic By Connie Rusk For Mailonline Published: 10:59 GMT, 12 March 2021 | Updated: 10:59 GMT, 12 March 2021 She is best known for her role as Lucille Anderson in BBC‘s Call … Read more

Guide for parents and grandparents now children have returned to school

This week marked a return to school like no other. After months of homeschooling, there is concern that many children have fallen so behind in their learning it will take months — or even years — to catch up. The Government is focusing on plans to enable teachers to bridge the gap — with Mail … Read more

Son ‘brings grandparents back to life’ using deep fake technology

Heartwarming moment son uses AI to bring his grandparents’ portraits to life and shows them to his parents  Gagandeep Singh Anand, 26, uploaded footage of this grandparents online  He used the genealogy website MyHeritage to animate the old images  Gagandeep showed the images to his parents  Gurcharanjeet and Manjeet Both his parents reacted emotionally seeing the … Read more

Parents and grandparents of schoolchildren will be offered at-home Covid tests

Parents and grandparents of schoolchildren will be offered at-home Covid tests twice a week to help keep schools safe Whole families with schoolchildren are to be given regular coronavirus tests Tests will also be offered twice a week to adults including school bus drivers A confirmatory PCR test will be required if lateral flow test … Read more

Shops to reopen, children OK to see grandparents and even self-catering staycations all in WEEKS

There could be light at the end of the tunnel as ministers discuss plans to allow for shops to re-open, families to be re-united and self-catering staycations to be given the go ahead if Covid-19 infection rates continue to plummet amid the vaccine rollout. Plans to ease lockdown were boosted yesterday by figures showing the … Read more

Can my grandparents pay off a chunk of our mortgage – or could we fall into a tax trap?

My grandparents have kindly offered to pay off a six-figure sum off our mortgage. We are due to remortgage in the coming months and although I’m blown away by their potential act of extreme financial kindness, I worry we will have a tax sting further down the line. Essentially, my grandfather is a successful business … Read more

Vicky McClure shares snap of grandparents going to get vaccinated as grandfather celebrates birthday

Line Of Duty’s Vicky McClure shared a sweet snap of her grandparents on their way to get their Covid vaccines in a post to mark her grandfather’s 96th birthday. The actress, 37, posted the heartwarming picture on her Instagram on Monday showing her grandparents beaming for the camera. The duo linked arms in the snap, which she … Read more

Ryan Reynolds says his kids ‘won’t see their grandparents this year’ amid the pandemic

He’s making hard choices for the holidays in order to keep his family safe. And Ryan Reynolds shared his thanks with other families who have canceled their holiday plans this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has been surging to alarm levels throughout the United States in recent weeks. The 44-year-old 6 Underground … Read more