Berisha attacks SP candidates: They come from the ranks of criminal groups

14:18 12/03/2023 Convinced of the DP’s victory in the May 14 local elections, the chief democrat Sali Berisha has attacked the SP candidates. From Pogradeci, where he presented the DP candidate who emerged from the primaries, Zini Tollozhina, Berisha declared that the socialist candidates came from criminal gangs. The head of the Democrats said that … Read more

Rewards in April for pensioners and groups in need? How does Minister Ibrahimaj answer?

13:11 08/03/2023 The Minister of Finance and Economy, Delina Ibrahimaj, was asked this Wednesday after the government meeting if there will be bonuses for the month of April for pensioners. She stated that at the moment, a policy for giving remuneration to pensioners has not been defined. She said that the pension indexation policy will … Read more

The date of the local elections, Begaj starts meetings with the heads of parliamentary groups

11:00 04/10/2022 The President of Albania, Bajram Begaj, is expected to gather the heads of the parliamentary groups in the Presidency to decide the date of the local elections that will take place next year. As journalist Klesiana Omeri learns, at 13:00 Begaj is expected to meet with the “Alliance for Change” group led by … Read more

Doctors fear ethnic groups may start to see higher Covid infection and death rates

Doctors fear ethnic groups that shun vaccinations may start to see higher Covid infection and death rates than the country at large Lower up take rates among Pakistani, Bangladeshi and black Britons have left experts concerned about large numbers in communities vulnerable to the virus  Office of National Statistics is examining the situation with Oxford … Read more

Covid UK: Outbreak shuts Leicester primary school and most year groups left at Wigan secondary

Covid outbreak closes Leicester primary school until after Easter while just one year group is left at Manchester secondary after pupils test positive St Mary’s Fields Primary School has sent 480 pupils home after a Covid outbreak Two secondary schools in Wigan have sent year groups home after positive tests St Mary’s Catholic High School … Read more

Left-wing groups and politicians hijack Sarah Everard’s vigil

Even now, a week later, nobody seems quite sure how a dignified vigil with Royal approval came to represent something altogether different. One thing can be said with certainty though. Thousands of women were drawn to a bandstand in the middle of a London park last Saturday with a single shared resolve – to pay respectful … Read more

UK ban on one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups – the Tamil Tigers – may be lifted

Britain’s ban on Tamil Tigers terrorist group may be lifted after secretive tribunal ordered Priti Patel to conduct a review Ruling told Home Secretary to consider taking Tamil Tigers off list of outlaws  Group founded in Sri Lanka in 1976  and credited with devising the suicide vest   UK banned group, formally known as Liberation Tigers … Read more

Joe Biden to say Americans can celebrate July 4 in ‘small groups’

President Joe Biden will announce in his prime time address Thursday night that all adults will be eligible to get the COVID vaccine as of May 1 and that should lead to Americans being able to celebrate Independence Day together in ‘small groups.’ ‘He will direct all states and territories to make all adult Americans eligible … Read more

At least ten hacking groups, some linked to China, use flaws in Microsoft mail to break servers

Tens of thousands of organisations have compromised computer systems after hacking groups used a flaw in Microsoft mail to break servers, experts claim.  The security holes in mail and calendars systems could make it vulnerable to industrial-scale cyber espionage, with some hackers linked to China. At least ten different hacking groups are involved, according to … Read more

Teenagers ‘being recruited to terror groups in worrying numbers during lockdown’

Teenagers are being recruited to Islamist terror groups in ‘worrying’ numbers during lockdown, warns Dominic Raab Dominic Raab has updated the House of Commons on the threat posed by Daesh Foreign Secretary warned of number of teenagers recruited during lockdown Said the terror group’s brand had been ‘weakened’ but still remained potent  By James Tapsfield … Read more