Paleoanthropologist says handshakes are not a learned cultural behaviour but part of our DNA 

ANTHROPOLOGY THE HANDSHAKE  by Ella Al-Shamahi (Profile £10.99, 176pp)  David Attenborough once found himself in a ‘potentially hairy’ situation in New Guinea when a remote tribe charged at him with spears. Ever the gentleman, Attenborough calmly extended his hand and said, ‘Good afternoon’. The tribe members pumped his hand up and down. Granted, this was … Read more

Blake Lively rejoices as she receives one of Bake Off star Paul Hollywood’s handshakes

She admitted she was desperate for one of Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood‘s infamous handshakes of approval after baking a unicorn cake over the weekend. And it appears Blake Lively’s wish was granted on Wednesday, as she received a ‘handshake’ from Paul, 54, in the comments section of her Instagram post. The Gossip Girl star, 33, … Read more