Money CAN buy happiness: Study finds people given one-time sum of $10,000 report feeling happier

You may have been told otherwise, but money really does buy happiness.  People given a five-figure, one-time sum were happier than their peers even months after spending it all, a study found. In a one-of-a-kind social experiment, researchers at the University of British Columbia recruited 300 people in seven countries — and gave around half $10,000. … Read more

Game-changer: You can buy hearing aids over the counter from TODAY for as little as $199 

Hearing aids became available over the counter at dramatically lower costs today as a 2017 law finally took effect. The new rule will make the devices, which typically require prescriptions and professional fittings, more widely available and affordable.  The move is being hailed as a major win for the nearly 38 million Americans who live with … Read more

The Hospital of Internal Diseases at QSUT, Rama, is nearing completion: It will further raise the level of the health service

19:26 05/10/2022 The new Internal Medicine Hospital at QSUT is nearing completion. Prime Minister Edi Rama together with the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu have been to the premises of this hospital to inspect it. In his post on Facebook, where he accompanies the images from the inspection of the hospital, Prime Minister Rama writes … Read more

Record number of children are being treated by the NHS for eating disorders following pandemic

Record number of children are being treated by the NHS for eating disorders following pandemic 10,000 children started treatment for eating disorders April-December last year Figures have increased by nearly two-thirds on the number before the pandemic NHS officials suggested rise could be from unpredictability of the pandemic and disruption to routines By Stephen Adams Health Editor … Read more

90% of celebrities’ social media posts about food and drinks are for unhealthy items

Some of the treats being advertised to children by popular celebrities on Instagram are so unhealthy that they break some foreign health standards. University of Chicago researchers looked at the meals, snacks, and beverages that made an appearance in Instagram posts by the world’s most popular celebrities and judged them by food advertising standards in … Read more