Broadband prices rise: Here’s how to get a cheaper deal

Millions of households will pay more for their broadband this month with four major telecoms providers hiking prices. The average bill will increase £3.03 per month, the equivalent of £36.39 per year, according to Compare the Market, with the collective cost estimated to be nearly a billion pounds. The nation’s big four internet providers, Sky, … Read more

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Here’s a job for one of Meghan’s ex staff – PA to William and Kate! 

This could be one for Melissa Touabti, who shocked the Palace when she suddenly quit as the Duchess of Sussex’s personal assistant just six months after Meghan Markle married into the Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are seeking their own new PA — and staff tend to last longer working for William … Read more

Lifeline after lockdown: Want YOUR small business to be on the country’s biggest website? Here’s how

The past year has been tough for small businesses, many of which went bust or suffered crippling losses as lockdown hit their trade. But there is finally a little light at the end of the tunnel as restrictions start to ease. And to help the small businesses coming out of lockdown, the UK’s biggest, most … Read more

Motorhomes, with their own Covid bubble, have never been more in demand – here’s our pick of them

Often seen in America, land of the quirky bumper sticker, one popular message says: ‘On an adventure before dementia!’ This is accompanied by a picture of a campervan and is just one of many such self-deprecating stickers, which also include ‘Motorhomes before nursing homes!’ and ‘Movin’ as fast as I can!’ — next to a … Read more

Searching for the dream job? Here’s how to stand out

Olivia Walker applied for more than 60 roles in lockdown to find her dream job. She had previously worked at a bank on a graduate scheme, but wasn’t sure this field was where her future lay.  ‘I’ve always been interested in sustainability and wanted to do something in that area,’ she says. Olivia, from Bermondsey … Read more

Back to savings school: New to investing? Here’s your essential guide 

Even in normal times, the thought of staking your money on the stock market can seem like a very daunting prospect. And after a particularly dramatic year, savers will be forgiven for feeling a lot more wary than usual. Yet data shows that, over the long term, a well-diversified investment portfolio easily beats a standard … Read more

Here’s how to build your very own ISA tax haven 

Former Conservative MP John Lee is one of the most enthusiastic investors I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.  Now a Liberal Democrat life peer with the rather grand title of Baron Lee of Trafford, the 78-year-old remains as passionate about investing as he has ever done – and he has considerable investment clout. In … Read more

Millions of items are lost, damaged or stolen during home moves: Here’s how to keep your stuff safe

Home movers have had four million of their possessions either lost, damaged or stolen in transit over the past 12 months. Nearly a quarter of people said items did not make it to their new home in the same condition they left in, according to a new survey by Direct Line home insurance. The average … Read more

Cyprus is opening to UK tourists before any other country in Europe – here’s our guide to the island

Your second home awaits. That’s the message from the Cyprus minister of tourism, Savvas Perdios, who can’t wait to welcome Britons back to his island’s gorgeous beaches and azure waters when travel returns. Here we offer up a tantalising guide to the best of Cyprus. SURF’S UP  Out of this world: A view of the … Read more