Katie Price’s son Harvey, 18, shatters car window after a bout of the hiccups

Katie Price’s son Harvey shattered her car window on Easter Monday, after a bout of the hiccups caused the 18-year-old to become distressed. Mother-of-five Kate, 42, posted a video to Instagram of the tinted glass of her car smashed to pieces on the ground, with Harvey sat inside next to the broken window. Katie explained … Read more

Could Covid cause HICCUPS? Doctors believe two-week bout of hiccups were caused by the illness

Hiccups could be a symptom of Covid, doctors have claimed. Medics who treated an infected man who had hiccups for two weeks believe his symptoms were a ‘rare presentation’ of the illness. Experts say Covid can attack the diaphragm — the muscle that controls breathing — causing it to spasm, leading to hiccups. Hiccups have also been … Read more

Post-Brexit hiccups ‘will add £1.50 to a bottle of fine wine’

Post-Brexit hiccups ‘will add £1.50 to a bottle of fine wine’ Extra paperwork and haulage costs due to Brexit could add £1.50 to wine bottles  Wine importers have warned the new export documents would push prices up   Research found around 28m British consumers drink wine at least once a month By Glen Owen and James … Read more