Brazil builds new 140ft statue of Jesus higher than Christ the Redeemer as Covid crisis continues

Brazil builds new 140ft statue of Jesus even higher than Christ the Redeemer as country’s Covid-19 crisis continues with more than 345,000 dead Named Christ the Protector, the statue stands at 43 meters in Encantado, Brazil The project is designed to encourage tourism to the area and to inspire faith   Elsewhere, Brazil has second highest … Read more

Covid UK: Higher levels of loneliness in urban areas during pandemic, says ONS

People in cities and towns are more likely to have felt lonely during the Covid-19 crisis than their countryside counterparts, official statistics reveal Office for National Statistics data show rising levels of loneliness during Covid Levels of loneliness tended to be greater in urban areas than the countryside Areas with higher rates of unemployment tended … Read more

Nature: Dominant male baboons age faster from constantly having to defend their higher status

Competing for dominance speeds up AGING in baboons: Males at the top age faster as a result of constantly having to defend their higher status, study finds Researchers measured the effects of aging on the DNA of 245 baboons in Kenya They found that baboons prematurely aged as they moved up the social ladder The team … Read more

Doctors fear ethnic groups may start to see higher Covid infection and death rates

Doctors fear ethnic groups that shun vaccinations may start to see higher Covid infection and death rates than the country at large Lower up take rates among Pakistani, Bangladeshi and black Britons have left experts concerned about large numbers in communities vulnerable to the virus  Office of National Statistics is examining the situation with Oxford … Read more

Mortgages with 5% deposits are back – but watch out for stricter rules and higher rates

Aspiring homeowners are being offered a potential leg-up as mortgage deals for those hoping to buy with a five per cent deposit re-emerge. Several mortgage lenders including Bank of Ireland, Coventry Building Society and Accord, part of Yorkshire Building Society, are now offering 95 per cent loan-to-value deals. In addition, several other major lenders are … Read more

Third of the planet’s farmland has pesticides levels 1,000 times higher than what’s considered safe

Nearly a third of the farmland around the world is at high risk of pesticide pollution, according to a new report. Scientists in Australia examined how nearly 100 agricultural chemicals were used across 168 countries, to determine which pesticides surpassed recommended levels. Pointing to ‘widespread global pesticide pollution risk,’ the research found 64 percent of … Read more

Third of owners will pay HIGHER mortgage rates to avoid lender scrutiny

Mortgage borrowers hit hardest by the pandemic may find themselves paying out thousands more each year, because they believe the financial fallout has affected their ability to remortgage.   Almost one third of borrowers who have seen their incomes fall due to Covid-19 expect to move onto their lender’s standard variable rate once their initial deal … Read more

UK broadband customers face higher bills as Ofcom rules out price cap on BT’s new full-fibre network

Broadband customers face higher bills as Ofcom rules out price cap on BT’s new full-fibre network for a decade Company is also spending £12billion on rolling out full-fibre broadband in UK   Openreach will see no regulation or price caps on its new fibre services   Increase in costs will encourage customers to switch and get new … Read more

Covid: UK’s Covid R rate drops back down and is no higher than 0.8

Britain’s Covid R rate today dropped back down to 0.8 after a blip saw it rise last week, as yet more figures added to the mountain of evidence that the worst of the pandemic is over.  No10’s scientific advisory panel SAGE estimated the reproduction rate — the average number of people infected by each person with … Read more

Covid-19 death rates were higher in Republican-led states in 2nd half of 2020

When the pandemic began, COVID-19 death rate soared in Democrat-led liberal states – but the trend reversed sharply by July 4, a new study reveals.  At the widest gap between death rates for Republican- versus Democrat-led states, 1.8-times more Americans were dying in red states than blue ones, according to the new Johns Hopkins University … Read more