Cold War CIA device in Himalayas blamed for India’s glacier flood

Locals hit by the glacier flood disaster in India this month which killed up to 200 people believe a nuclear device placed in the Himalayas by US Cold War spies caused the deluge. Part of a glacier and a large chunk of rock face broke off in the mountains of Uttarakhand, jamming a river before … Read more

The best big family holidays, from road trips across the United States to trekking in the Himalayas

Missed family trips and get-togethers mean that plenty of us are looking for an extra-special break for 2021.  Despite the uncertainty, this summer is filling up fast. The good news is most tour operators have Covid policies in place – some even let you cancel on the day of departure – although you should ensure … Read more

Ladies of London alum Caroline Stanbury gets engaged to toyboy Sergio Carrallo in the Himalayas

Ladies of London alum Caroline Stanbury, 44, gets engaged to toyboy Sergio Carrallo, 26, in the Himalayas By Cassie Carpenter For Published: 19:44 GMT, 3 January 2021 | Updated: 19:44 GMT, 3 January 2021 Ladies of London alum Caroline Stanbury announced Saturday she got engaged to toyboy Sergio José Carrallo Pendás while hiking in … Read more

Dust from the Sahara is being blown onto the Himalayas and is speeding up snow cap melt

Dust from the Sahara is being blown thousands of miles and landing on mountains in the Himalayas – hastening the melting of the snow caps, study finds NASA-funded study used satellite images and looked at dust levels in Himalayas  Found dust from deserts including the Sahara are reaching the snow caps   The dark particles soak up … Read more

My way to Mount Everest


See the highest mountain in the world To see the highest mountain in the world has been around for a long time. As a hobby mountaineer and mountain photographer, you simply cannot escape the fascination of the Himalayas. But there was a special reason to travel to Tibet . 2018 had changed a lot in my private life and when I left for Tibet in … Read more