PETER HITCHENS: When police start raiding our churches, you know the revolution has begun 

The sight of police closing down a church service is one of the worst moments of this national panic.  I am more and more sure that this country is suffering a revolution in which much that we used to know and believe is being quietly, insistently destroyed. But Scotland Yard’s raid on the Church of Christ … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: E-scooter menace leaving chaos and death in its wake 

Nobody else seems to be bothered, so here goes. Why have we allowed horrible, stupid electric scooters to infest our streets?  Will anyone put a stop to it before it is irreversible? In this idiotic decision all kinds of other follies are bound up. The disappearance of proper police from our lives is one. By proper … Read more

Women will NEVER be safe unless the police go back out on patrol, writes PETER HITCHENS 

Authority is so absent from our streets that bad people are worryingly unafraid, so the rest of us have to be afraid instead If you really wanted to make women safer on the streets of this country’s cities, after dark or during the day, there is a very simple, logical thing that you would do.  We … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: Falklands hero Lord West is ‘insulted’ by the Foreign Office

Britain’s most senior naval officer last night complained that the British Government had insulted him in a row over intelligence and security. Admiral Lord West of Spithead, 72, a decorated Falklands veteran, former First Sea Lord and a Security Minister under Gordon Brown, was denounced on the record by the Foreign Office for engaging in … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: Axe the Monarchy? Yes, if you want us to be like North Korea… or the USA 

We’ll be sorry when the Monarchy is gone, which it will pretty soon be if we all go on behaving like this. If you want a Monarchy, you need grown-ups, not just to sit on the throne, but to support it. Sentimental slop won’t keep it going, and nor will cheap temporary popularity or glamour. … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: New Labour’s secret IRA fan? He is not as rare as you’d think… 

A prominent New Labour journalist, Roy Greenslade, has finally admitted he is a lifelong supporter of IRA violence. You should care, even though you may think Mr Greenslade is obscure and unimportant. For it is yet another of those lightning-flashes which reveal something I have been trying to tell you for years and which you … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: Paradise? No, but the Britain of my youth was FREE 

When I spoke out in favour of free speech last week on Channel 4 News, I was unpleasantly surprised to find just how unpopular this view now is with the fashionable people who watch that programme. My great sin was to suggest that the Britain of my youth had been much more free than it … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: We DID have a sensible Covid plan… but copied a police state instead 

Supporters of strangling the country always demand ‘What would you have done?’ if I dare to criticise the Government’s wild, unprecedented policy for dealing with Covid. They assume, as backers of crazy policies always do, that there is no alternative to mass house arrest, enormous police powers, Maoist travel bans and the crippling of large … Read more