Hundreds of British Gas engineers share their fury

British Gas engineers have shared their fury as hundreds today lost their jobs after refusing to sign up to tougher employment terms under a ‘fire and rehire’ scheme. The energy supplier handed dismissal notices to around 1,000 employees on April 1 following months of controversy over owner Centrica’s plans to up hours and cut higher … Read more

Hundreds of brave Russians hit ski slopes in bikinis and underwear for annual BoogelWoogel carnival 

Snow risk of being cold? Hundreds of brave Russians hit ski slopes in bikinis and underwear for annual BoogelWoogel carnival Hundreds brave freezing temperatures to hit the slopes at the BoogelWoogel alpine festival in Sochi, Russia  The annual event, which takes place at Rosa Khutor resort, started on Wednesday and will run until Sunday Despite the … Read more

Hundreds of wealthy travelers have booked their tickets for spectacular voyages into space 

The space tourism era has dawned as wealthy travelers prepare for voyages aboard crafts made by rival billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, with the first civilians expected to take flight as soon as September.  Several hundred people have already booked their tickets and begun training to embark on spectacular voyages where they … Read more

Mystery as hundreds of sheep stand in circle in field

Is that a EWE.F.O? Mystery as hundreds of sheep stand in circle in field as social media users say it looks just like Alien ship Christopher Hogg, 47, from Rottingdean, East Sussex, spotted the sheep in field The father-of-one later shared photos of the unusual occurence to Facebook Dozens of social media users have since … Read more

Passengers film chaotic scenes in Islamabad Airport as hundreds race to reach UK

This was the chaotic scene in Pakistan last night as thousands of travellers raced home to the UK to beat today’s hotel quarantine deadline as cases spiked in the country. Airline staff were forced to stand on check-in desks and urge people to form in orderly lines with one person in the scrum as ‘the worst experience … Read more

Hundreds of hikers evacuated from Icelandic volcano after new fissure starts spewing lava

Due to Iceland’s location on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, a divergent tectonic plate boundary, and its location over a hot spot, the northern Nordic island country has a high-concentration of active volcanoes.  Known as the land of fire and ice, the island currently has 32 active volcanic systems, 13 of which have seen eruptions since the … Read more

Shoppers fear personal details could be stolen as hundreds of ‘lost’ parcels are auctioned on eBay

Online shoppers fear their personal details could be stolen as hundreds of ‘lost’ Royal Mail and Hermes parcels are being auctioned off by mystery sellers on eBay. Sellers have been making up to £140 per bundle of undelivered items which include electrical items and jewellery. The listings have snaps of the parcels, with some saying … Read more

Hundreds of boy racers flout Covid rules at illegal car meets in London

Hundreds of boy racers last night flouted Covid rules at illegal car meets in London. Up to 500 people and 200 cars are thought to have been involved in the event at the Tesco in Brent Cross. It is believed to be one of the biggest car meets to take place during the Covid lockdown. … Read more

Hundreds of boy racers ignore Covid rules and block roads to attend car meet near Nottingham

Hundreds of boy racers ignored Covid restrictions last night to gather for a car meet  near Nottingham, while Essex police shut down a rally with 450 motors.  Photos show hundreds of car enthusiasts lining the streets under a bridge of the A453 near Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station and East Midlands Parkway station, in Nottingham, on Sunday evening. … Read more

Beijing muscles in on the South China Sea filling it with hundreds of boats in an act of aggression

China has filled the disputed South China Sea with more than 200 boats lashed together in rows in an act of aggression designed to ‘squeeze out’ other countries in Asia, experts warn.  Beijing have claimed the Chinese vessels, first spotted earlier this month off the coast of the Philippines, are merely fishing boats sheltering from … Read more