Coronavirus study: Immune system will recognise ‘virtually all’ types of Covid after vaccine

Immunity and vaccines WILL protect people against Brazilian and South African Covid variants because white blood cells recognise ‘virtually all’ versions of the virus, study claims Researchers in the US and Singapore tested immunity against new virus variants They said immune system T-cells were able to recognise ‘virtually all’ Covid T-cells are crucial part of … Read more

AstraZeneca’s vaccine may trigger rare immune response that leads to clots in some people

Is THIS the link between AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine and blood clots? Shot may trigger an immune response that leads to the life-threatening side effect in rare cases, study claims About 30 cases of blood clots among people who got a dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine were reported in Europe  German researchers found signs of antibodies that … Read more

Coronavirus: People living with someone with weak immune system to be put on jab priority list

Healthy people who live with an adult with a weak immune system will be added to the UK’s Covid vaccine priority list. Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed today that all adults who share a home with someone who is immunocompromised will be offered a vaccine by mid-April. Those include people living with someone who is … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Public might abandon lockdown rules early if they think they are immune, SAGE warns

People might start socialising and ditching lockdown rules ahead of schedule because they think the Covid threat is low or believe they are immune, SAGE warns. Scientists advising the Government say people have been good at following lockdown rules so far but caution that the public will need reminding of why it is important to … Read more

Covid-19 can hit body’s immune system causing GANGRENE and arthritis

From a dry cough to a loss of sense of smell, Covid-19 is associated with a range of unpleasant symptoms. Now, a new study has warned of another side effect being experienced by some Covid-19 patients – gangrene. Researchers have warned that Covid-19 can cause long-term muscle and joint issues, including arthritis, gangrene and ‘Covid … Read more

Radio host Kyle Sandilands explains why he’s seemingly immune to ‘cancel culture’

‘If anyone’s going to lose, you think I would’: Radio host Kyle Sandilands explains why he’s seemingly immune to ‘cancel culture’ despite a string of controversies By Nicole Douglas For Daily Mail Australia Published: 22:30 GMT, 10 February 2021 | Updated: 22:34 GMT, 10 February 2021 He’s been a magnet for controversy over the years, … Read more

People with weak immune systems ‘may be breeding grounds for new coronavirus variants’

Scattered reports have emerged of people being reinfected with coronavirus after testing negative – but one man may have had three ‘recurrences’ of COVID-19 over the course a gruelling, ultimately fatal, 154-day battle with the infection.  In a case report, Brigham and Women’s Hospital physicians describe the struggle of a 45-year-old man who had a … Read more

‘Memory’ immune cells last six months and may beat ‘super-covid’ variants, study suggests

People who have survived COVID-19 may have some protection against getting reinfected after all, a new study suggests.  Scientists at Rockefeller University found that a type of immunity, from memory B cells, lasts at least six months.  B cells ‘remember’ how to make antibodies against viruses, including the one that causes COVID-19.  And these cells … Read more

Global surge of cases is fueling more chances for the virus to mutate to beat immune system

Britain could face even more super-strains of coronavirus as surging infections across the globe fuel the chances of the virus mutating to beat the immune system, scientists say. More than 90million cases have been recorded worldwide since the pandemic began, with the positive test numbers surging 33.8 per cent in the last two months. There … Read more

Health: ‘Invisible’ stem cells that evade the body’s immune system could enable new treatments

Scientists have created ‘invisible’ stem cells that evade the immune system — thereby paving the way to new treatments for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The lab-grown cells — created by researchers from the US — could be used for cell therapies and tissue implants without fear of immune rejection. They work by expressing so-called … Read more