RACISM and the Beauty Industry – YouTubers Making a Difference

RACISM and the Beauty Industry – YouTubers Making a Difference

RACISM and the Beauty Industry – YouTubers Making a Difference I remember when I could not find a foundation shade in my skin tone. I will tell you today, that I can go to many different drug stores and get foundation in my skin tones. How times have changed. We still have a lot to … Read more

The Parliament approves the salary increase for the administration and deputies and ministers

14:54 25/05/2023 The Parliament of Albania has voted for the salary increase for the state administration and for the deputies and ministers. The law on salary increases for the administration was approved with 97 votes in favor, no abstentions, 2 against and 5 deputies who were present did not vote. The two deputies who voted … Read more

Salary increase, Sali Berisha: Battle in Parliament to establish the vital minimum of 200 Euros

13:47 24/05/2023 Tomorrow it is expected that the Parliament will discuss and vote on the draft law for the salary increase for all categories, including the ministers and deputies who doubled their salaries a day before in the Economy Committee. Speaking about this issue, Sali Berisha said that for him, the most important thing is … Read more

For family doctors, a salary increase of 20,000 ALL and nurses with 15,000 ALL within 2024

14:04 03/05/2023 The Prime Minister Edi Rama, together with the Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, held a meeting with the doctors and nurses of Klosi and Mati, where they announced the targeted salary increase for family doctors with 20,000 Lek and nurses with 15,000 Lek until … Read more

Manastirliu: 22 thousand health professionals benefit from the salary increase policy

09:56 20/04/2023 The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu has announced today after the government meeting that the salary increase for employees in the health system will continue. Manastirliu emphasized that there are about 22,000 health professionals who benefit from this salary increase policy. She added that in 2024, salary increases will continue in a targeted … Read more

Rama for the salaries of the military: We will continue to increase them towards the NATO average

10:04 11/04/2023 The Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama writes that the salaries of the Albanian Army were for a long time to feel bad for the troops of the Armed Forces as he adds that they had no other way but to push forward with persistence the necessary changes, without which the salaries … Read more

“The salary of the chief executive becomes 187,500 Lek”, Rama presents the salary increase plan for security workers

11:25 08/04/2023 The government’s salary increase reform foresees a salary increase in the State Police, within one year, for employees of all security systems, including the prison system. To share this news with the employees of the relevant structures, as well as to explain details of the government’s plan, Prime Minister Rama, together with the … Read more

The wage increase for white shirts comes into effect

15:48 05/04/2023 Rama: Sanctions for private individuals who wrongly pay employees From April 1, the government’s decision to increase the salaries of specialist doctors by 50,000 Lek, bringing the gross salary of this category to over 220,000 Lek per month, came into force. “This salary increase is parallel to a stable growth of the economy. … Read more

Salary increase, Berisha: Fraud, cynical and ruthless for electoral purposes

12:23 31/03/2023 Over 80 percent of Albanians want to leave The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, started the weekly conference with journalists with a new study, as he said that 80% of Albanians want to leave the country. During his speech, the chief democrat added that this feeling is the result of a … Read more

Salary increase, Rama: Reform of the entire salary structure in Albania

13:45 29/03/2023 After the increase of the minimum wage, the Albanian Government has today approved the acts for the increase of the average wage. After the meeting of the Government, Prime Minister Rama stated that it is intended that the average salary will reach the value of 900 Euros. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama … Read more