110th anniversary of Independence, Begaj: Albania should support the strengthening of Kosovo and always be united

10:45 28/11/2022 President Bajram Begaj delivered a speech at the ceremony that took place in Vlora this Monday on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Albania’s Independence. He congratulated all Albanians on Independence Day and said that it remains the greatest work of the Albanian nation. Begaj said that we should love the homeland … Read more

Berisha congratulates the 110th anniversary of Independence: Let’s transform Albania into the home of the future

10:34 28/11/2022 Sali Berisha shared his congratulations on the Independence Day with all Albanians inside and outside the borders. “Without the independence of Albania, we would have disappeared into the mists or nebulae of the Balkans. Praise God, today we are free! In Albania, in Kosovo and wherever we are”. Through a message on social … Read more

The Jubilee of Independence convenes 2 Albania-Kosovo assemblies

15:33 27/11/2022 Rama and Kurt’s messages for the 110th anniversary of Independence The 120 MPs of Kosovo traveled to Tirana to join together in the first large Assembly of Albanians. A symbolic meeting to remember the 110th anniversary of the day when the Albanians of Albania and Kosovo came together to declare Independence. The messages … Read more

Albania-Kosovo assemblies meet/ Nikola: Unforgettable day, honor and glory to the men of Independence

10:38 27/11/2022 On the eve of the 110th anniversary of Independence, the Parliament of Albania and Kosovo are holding a joint parliamentary session. At the beginning of this session, the Speaker of the Assembly of Albania, Lindita Nikolla, spoke, who said that today is an unforgettable day as she added that today is the day … Read more

PM ‘could be forced to grant second Scottish independence vote’

Ministers believe Boris Johnson ‘will be forced to grant permission for a second Scottish independence referendum if Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond win two thirds of Holyrood seats at election in May’ Boris Johnson has repeatedly said he is against holding a re-run of 2014 vote Ministers think PM could be forced to change tack … Read more

Britney Spears wishes sister Jamie Lynn a belated happy 30th birthday with message of independence

Britney Spears wished her not so little sister Jamie Lynn a belated happy 30th birthday on Friday with a gushing tribute. The 39-year-old pop star — who has been at the mercy of a lengthy conservatorship battle since 2008 — penned a social media message to the former Nickelodeon star about independence, writing: ‘I wish … Read more

Alex Salmond demands Scottish independence talks begin IMMEDIATELY after May’s Holyrood elections

Alex Salmond today demanded fresh Scottish independence talks start immediately after May’s Holyrood elections if separatist parties achieve a ‘super-majority’ of seats. Launching his new Alba Party’s election campaign today the former SNP First Minister said that discussions with Westminster should begin in ‘week one’ of the new assembly. A poll at the weekend suggested … Read more

‘Independence is bigger than personalities’: Alex Salmond says he would work with Nicola Sturgeon

‘Independence is a bigger cause than personalities’: Alex Salmond says he would work with arch foe Nicola Sturgeon to try to break up the UK (but admits they have not spoken for ‘some considerable time’) Ex-First Minister said that ‘independence is a bigger cause than personalities’ Spoke to GMB days after quitting the SNP to … Read more

Gordon Brown tells Nicola Sturgeon to stop ‘petty politicking’ over Scottish independence

Former prime minister Gordon Brown accused Nicola Sturgeon of ‘petty politicking’ over Scottish independence today, telling the First Minister to focus on Covid and nothing else.  In his first major intervention in the Holyrood election campaign the former Labour leader said that the SNP chief should ‘put her constitutional argument to one side and focus … Read more

Two Capitol cops are injured after car smashes through barrier at Independence Avenue

BREAKING NEWS: Two Capitol cops are injured after car smashes into barrier on Independence Avenue A chopper has been flown in to remove injured people; it’s unclear how many there are or if there is an active shooting Witnesses have described a chaotic scene with police and EMT presence but the Capitol Police are yet … Read more