SP asks the justice system to start investigations against Kryemadhi

18:05 04/04/2023 “Kryemadhi’s involvement in Russian financing would be heavy for politics in Albania” SP asks the justice to investigate PL MP Monika Kryemadhi regarding Russian funding. MP Preto Koçi says that Kryemadhi’s bank transfers with offshore companies linked to Russia are worrying for Albania. Socialists demand clarification from Kryemadhi about the information that she … Read more

“January 21”, Gjiknuri: Conduct concrete investigations

10:28 25/01/2023 The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjiknuri, in a press statement stated that specific investigations should be conducted on January 21. According to Gjiknuri, the new evidence is sufficient and the justice bodies should not sleep anymore. “The new evidence made public in the media by journalist Artan Hoxha contains data … Read more

As the CIA’s secret UFO investigations are made public, TOM LEONARD says the truth IS out there 

Back in November 1955, a Soviet train was crawling out of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, when someone burst into one of the carriages, claiming he had seen a ‘flying saucer’ in the twilight sky. ‘We turned off the light as quickly as possible,’ said a witness. ‘I saw a shadowy form above the horizon … Read more