Berisha: Rama discussions with McGonigal about Russian investments

12:47 24/01/2023 DP Chairman: Edi Rama handed the former FBI official 225,000 dollars in one hand The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke today in a press statement about the arrest of former senior FBI official Charles McGonigal. Berisha said that McGonigal has close ties with the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama. … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split their assets following break up after business investments

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s fans were shocked on Friday to learn that the celebrity couple had reportedly broken up after getting together in 2017. But now the 51-year-old actress and singer and the 45-year-old former Yankee star are left with an unenviable challenge: dividing up their extensive assets after making multiple business deals as … Read more

Margaret Thatcher’s former Oxford college scraps investments in coal

The year-long miners strike began in March 1984 and marked one of Margaret Thatcher’s fiercest battles of her time as prime minister.  She came to power in May 1979, at the end of the infamous Winter of Discontent, where Britain was crippled by a wave of national strikes. The Iron Lady, named because of her … Read more

Aviva putting £10bn pension cash into green investments

Aviva to funnel £10bn of workers’ pension money into climate-friendly investments as it unveils plan to become net zero by 2040 Aviva is committing a ‘substantial’ portion of the money it collects from auto-enrolment pension funds to investments which tackle climate change Every employee over the age of 22 who earns more than £10,000 per year … Read more

VCTs raise more than £30m in one week as investors rush to tax-efficient investments

As is usual at tax year-end, investors are rushing to venture capital trusts to invest in some of the UK’s best up-and-coming businesses. The total amount raised by VCTs this tax year so far stands at £360million, a 1.2 per cent increase compared to this point last year, and that’s despite the backdrop of Covid-19. … Read more

Victims of mis-sold investments losing near to half their compensation

Cheated savers who were sold bad investments are now losing almost half of their compensation money to claims firms. Money Mail today reports how mis-selling victims are being charged ‘astronomical’ sums for claims they can make themselves at no cost. It comes as regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announces plans to force firms to … Read more

Dormant pensions and investments to be handed to charity

Orphan pensions and investments worth £800m could be handed to charity under plan to widen ‘dormant assets’ scheme Some £745m has been raised from inactive bank and building society accounts Insurance and pension policies, shares and other investments to be covered too Move requires legislation so it is unclear when money will start being released  … Read more

Want to get your investments in shape for 2021? Try our wealth workout

This month sees millions of us kick start new fitness regimes, diets and detoxes to get back into shape after a slovenly and calorific December.  But while January can prove a good time to refresh our health habits, our investments can also benefit from a similar treatment. Even the best investors can profit from giving … Read more

Jesus College Cambridge will remove Tobias Rustat memorial over Royal African Company investments

One of the University of Cambridge’s richest colleges is removing the memorial to a 17th benefactor who was involved with the slave trade. Jesus College, which is worth £344 million, is taking the memorial to Tobias Rustat out of its chapel because it is ‘celebratory’. Rustat, an advisor to King Charles II, was one of … Read more

How to make your pension and investments go green

The idea of investing in companies that contribute to society, help the environment and behave ethically has been around for decades.  Indeed, April this year saw record inflows of almost £1billion into responsible investment funds. What looked potentially like a knee-jerk reaction to the outbreak of coronavirus, proved more sustained, however.  Investment Association figures show that … Read more