Leaked photo of Meta’s ‘Milan’ smartwatch shows the device will feature a front-facing camera

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is developing a smartwatch that boasts a front-facing camera to rival Apple’s highly popular Watch. The social media platform’s device, codenamed ‘Milan,’ was spotted as an image inside its iPhone apps, as first reported on by Bloomberg. The image was spotted in Meta’s app for controlling its newly … Read more

Woman finds receipt for over $1,000 worth of HIDDEN CAMERAS and audio recorders in her Airbnb

Woman shocked to find a receipt for over $1,000 worth of HIDDEN CAMERAS and stealth audio recorders in her Airbnb TikToker Arlen was staying in a long-term Airbnb rental with her boyfriend and sister in Houston On the day they checked out, her boyfriend found an itemized packing list under a bed It listed a … Read more

iPhone 13: Designers create a £35,500 gold version of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone

If you didn’t think smartphones were expensive enough, designers have now created a £35,519 ($48,080) version of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, made from 18 karat gold. The exclusive edition, called ‘Total Gold’, has been crafted by luxury accessories company Caviar and is limited to just 99 copies.  It’s been elaborately … Read more

iPhone 14 could be made from titanium and be more resistant to scratches and allow it to bend

Apple could use ultra-strong titanium to build its iPhone 14 – but will likely continue to make the screen and device back with glass,’ analyst says JPMorgan Chase said the 2022 iPhone will have titanium alloy on its chassis This mixture is both stronger and more resistant to scratches than current iPhone models The high-end … Read more

iPhone 13 rumored to have bigger wireless MagSafe charger that could refuel AirPods at the same time

Apple’s latest iPhone could be compatible with a new ‘reverse charger’ that would let users charge their AirPods just by placing them on the phone while it charges.   EverythingApplePro‘s Max Weinbach reported Sunday that the phone will have a stronger array of magnets in the back to support the bulked-up MagSafe charger, which is wireless.  … Read more