How ironic that when Harry called his Pakistani colleague the ‘P’-word, it was ‘without malice’ 

As the dust from that neutron bomb of an interview begins to settle, and the full extent of the fallout becomes clear, it seems Megxit has become even more divisive than Brexit. To her many (predominately young) fans, ‘Meghan’s truth’ is gospel, a heartbreaking tale of loneliness and victimisation. They are grateful to her — … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: How ironic if the people who helped get Boris Johnson elected now turn against him

Why did so many traditionally solid Labour seats in the North of England turn Tory in the December 2019 election? In the North-East and Yorkshire, the Conservatives won 14 constituencies from Labour, while in the North-West, including Manchester, they snatched 12 seats. This was a revolution. Hope was the reason. Hope of a better life. … Read more