SP launches the campaign for “May 14” tomorrow, the TV Klan journalist reveals the details and the slogan

20:34 10/04/2023 Only a few days separate us from the official launch of the campaign for the local elections on May 14. Both camps appear to be ready and are completing final preparations. Journalist Elja Zotka, in a direct link to the news edition of TV Klan, gave details of what is expected to happen. … Read more

Rama visit to Britain/ Journalist Milori from London: The agreement on illegal immigration is expected to be implemented

19:50 22/03/2023 Prime Minister Rama has started an official visit to Britain today, where he will be received for the first time by his British counterpart, Rishi Sunak. The meeting between them comes after some controversies between Tirana and London regarding the statements of the Secretary of the Interior, Suella Braverman about Albanian immigrants, considered … Read more

Incinerators, Berisha: I will be forced to publish who gave the documents to the journalist about Ahmetaj

12:58 24/02/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke at today’s conference for journalists regarding the “Incinerators” affair. While referring to yesterday’s statements of the former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj in “Opinion”, Berisha emphasized that the main responsibilities of this affair are the Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj and the Prime Minister … Read more

The President condemns the violence against the journalist in Lezha: Violation of free speech, unacceptable

20:42 25/01/2023 President Bajram Begaj has condemned the violence against journalist Elvis Hila and his wife in Lezhë. In a reaction on social networks, the President demands clarification of the event from the authorities and emphasizes that the violation of freedom of speech and violence against journalists is unacceptable. “I strongly condemn the rape of … Read more

Rama analysis with the ministers, journalist Zotka: The meeting will continue tomorrow

16:44 04/01/2023 The Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama has gathered the ministers in “Vila 30” in an informal meeting. In a direct link to the news edition on TV Klan, journalist Elja Zotka reported that this meeting is a format that the prime minister has been practicing since 2012. Zotka emphasized that in … Read more

The presidency of the DP meets, the journalist tells the issues that are the focus of the meeting

20:44 14/12/2022 Since 17:00 today, the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party has gathered in the blue headquarters. At the beginning of this meeting, the speaker of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke first. To provide more details about what is being discussed at the DP parliamentary group meeting, journalist Jolldiz Mitro has developed a … Read more

The leadership of the SP meets, the journalist: It was decided to start the polls, the citizens will be asked about their favorite candidate

20:19 13/12/2022 Today, the Socialist Party held a meeting of district leaders where they discussed the preparations being made for the upcoming local elections. After the meeting, responding to the high interest of journalists, Prime Minister Rama also commented on the latest developments in the country. Journalist Elja Zotka has reported in a direct link … Read more

SP and DP clash in the Parliament, journalist Elja Zotka reports what happens in the Parliament

20:18 17/11/2022 After many hours, the Parliament continues the discussions on the issues of the agenda. During the morning, the session was interrupted several times due to clashes between the SP and DP. TV Klan journalist, Elja Zotka, reports that the Parliament is still going on and is expected to end at midnight due to … Read more

The Presidency of the DP approves the candidates of the primaries for 26 municipalities, the journalist: The strongest race in Tirana

20:11 15/11/2022 The presidency of the DP has approved the names of the candidates who will participate in the primaries for mayor in 26 municipalities of the country. In a direct link to the news edition on TV Klan, journalist Jolldiz Mitro has provided more details about this process that precedes the local elections of … Read more