Australian nutritionists reveal meaning behind cravings and how to satisfy them without eating junk

They’re intense, overwhelming and often uncontrollable, but food cravings are trying to tell you important information about what’s happening inside your body. That’s according to Alisa and Danni, the nutritionists behind Australian food blog 123 Nourish Me, who claim common cravings are caused by essential mineral deficiencies which could lead to serious health problems over … Read more

Obese Thai monkey whose weight DOUBLED after eating junk food is sent to fat camp to get in shape

Godzilla gets sent to fat camp: Mega-monkey whose weight DOUBLED after being fed junk food at Thai market is rescued after video of the podgy primate went viral Godzilla has ballooned to more than double the average weight for his species and is over 20kg The three-year-old macaque lives at a market in Bangkok’s Min … Read more

Satellite that uses magnets to clean up space junk will launch tomorrow

The world’s first satellite that uses magnets to gather up space junk will launch tomorrow morning.  The craft, called ELSA-d and made by Japanese firm Astroscale, will blast off from Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket at 6.07am GMT on Saturday (March 20). The 200kg craft consists of two components that will perform a series of tests in … Read more

How mum transformed her ‘junk’ cupboard into the most organised space in the home

Mum transforms ‘junk’ cupboard into the most organised space in the home – with labels for EVERYTHING A mum has wowed hundreds after sharing images of her neat ‘junk’ cupboard  Lyndall arranged the cupboard using several drawers from The Reject Shop  She labelled the drawers to ensure the ‘bits and pieces’ of items can be … Read more

Rapper Iggy Azalea shows off her Aussie junk food haul

Thought you didn’t miss Australia? Rapper Iggy Azalea shows off her Aussie junk food haul after declaring she no longer has a ‘connection’ to her birth country By Caleb Taylor For Daily Mail Australia Published: 02:12 GMT, 11 March 2021 | Updated: 02:12 GMT, 11 March 2021 She declared in the past she has ‘no … Read more

Obesity kills more people than SMOKING: Junk food grows more popular than cigarettes, study reveals 

Obesity now kills more people than SMOKING: Weight problems account for more deaths than tobacco as junk food grows more popular than cigarettes, study reveals Data shows percentage of deaths caused by smoking has fallen from 23% to 19% Meanwhile deaths caused by obesity rose from 17.9 to 23.1% in the same period Experts from … Read more

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night’s TV: There’s gold in them thar hills of junk in your garage

The Repair Shop  Rating: Mend it for Money Rating: They said it would never be done. More specifically, my wife thought I’d never get round to it. There’s been junk boxed up in our garage, unseen since we moved in more than 20 years ago. But one of the bonuses of lockdown is that we’ve … Read more

Workers start clearing junk from Serbia’s polluted Potpeć Reservoir

A team of workers descended upon an artificial lake in Serbia today to clear the vast stretch of waste floating on its surface. Two barges sailed up and down the polluted waters to collect the thick layer of plastic and waste that had accumulated at the foot of the Lim River hydro-electric power plant on … Read more

Should stores ban you from buying junk food online? asks FEMAIL

Claire Foges supports the proposition that stores could ban you from buying junk food online YES  By Claire Foges  A family bag of toffee popcorn; a super-sized packet of chocolate buttons; a 12-pack of cola: add to basket! Now that so many of us are doing our food shopping online, there is even more temptation … Read more