The arrest of Fredi Beleri, Rama reacts: Do not rush to political conclusions, let’s wait for the evidence of justice

10:45 12/05/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted after the escort by the police of Fredi Beleri, the candidate of the opposition coalition “Bashkë Fitomje” in Himare. In a reaction on social networks, Rama writes that the political battle against Beler has nothing to do with the prosecution’s investigations against him. The Prime Minister appeals … Read more

Rama-lushnjare: Don’t vote for Colin and Loli who have become together out of trouble with justice!

18:58 10/05/2023 The Socialist Party has closed its campaign in Lushnje and Divjakë this Wednesday. Present, the Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama did not spare the ironies towards Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta, who are competing in these elections together with the opposition coalition “Together We Win”. “That’s why I’m begging you all … Read more

Yuri Kim: You can change the ambassador, but the US commitment to Justice Reform does not change

10:46 10/05/2023 The American diplomat in Tirana, Yuri Kim, has spoken about the new US ambassador who is expected to replace her in her position in Albania, David Kostelancik, whose candidacy has been approved by the US Senate. In the activity for the 110th anniversary of the creation of the Supreme Court, Yuri Kim said … Read more

Alibeaj: Rama, Berisha and Meta are afraid of justice

13:42 26/04/2023 “After the victory on May 14, the main goal is the reorganization of the DP” Investments in infrastructure, sewerage and water supply is the promise of the PD candidate for Këlcyra Adriatik Spahiu. In his presentation, the commanding chairman of DP, Enkelekd Alibeaj, asked for the support of the democrats on May 14, … Read more

Veliaj for Ahmetaj: Ben has been cooperating with justice, I have no reason to doubt it

21:44 12/04/2023 The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, described the situation within the SP as super energetic before the May 14 elections. In an interview on “Milori Live” in Klan News, he said that the votes in the municipal councils are necessary for further achievements in the capital. “We have a super energy. The fact … Read more

SP asks the justice system to start investigations against Kryemadhi

18:05 04/04/2023 “Kryemadhi’s involvement in Russian financing would be heavy for politics in Albania” SP asks the justice to investigate PL MP Monika Kryemadhi regarding Russian funding. MP Preto Koçi says that Kryemadhi’s bank transfers with offshore companies linked to Russia are worrying for Albania. Socialists demand clarification from Kryemadhi about the information that she … Read more

Rama: Justice should investigate Kryemadhi’s Russian money

13:14 31/03/2023 “To prove that you don’t work with double standards” After the publication of the news by “Eureporter” and the Albanian media, other facts have emerged about bank payments that Monika Kryemadhi, the wife of former President Meta, currently a member of PL, has received in the form of dividends from an offshore company … Read more

The arrest of McGonigal, Gjiknuri: American justice has clarified the case, there is no evidence of the involvement of the Albanian authorities

10:48 25/01/2023 Gjiknuri: Berisha connects every world event with Rama and Russia The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjinkuri, also spoke at today’s press conference about the arrest of former senior FBI official Charles McGonigal. Asked about the news circulating that he has connections with Albania, Gjiknuri said that it is a case … Read more

Minister of Justice: The January 21 file should have been sent to SPAK on the first day of the creation of this structure

16:40 21/01/2023 The Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja held a press conference this Saturday afternoon, which coincides with the 12th anniversary of the January 21 event, where 4 citizens were killed during the protest in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. The Minister of Justice has stated that the event should be investigated as a … Read more

Rama: Justice reform to clean up the scum, go to the bottom of low stories with dirty money

17:30 09/01/2023 “The force of the law should not stop before anyone when the facts prove that the law has been violated for illegal benefits” The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, has stated that “judicial reform and the strengthening of law-enforcement institutions are done to clean up the scum” while adding that “when … Read more