Ambassador Kim meets the president of the Constitutional Court: Integrity of the courts, necessary for EU membership

14:21 25/05/2023 American Ambassador Yuri Kim met with the President of the Constitutional Court, Holta Zaçaj, to congratulate her on her election as the head of this institution. Through a reaction on Twitter, Ambassador Kim says that the functioning of courts with integrity and independence attracts more investment and is required for EU membership. “Today … Read more

Yuri Kim: You can change the ambassador, but the US commitment to Justice Reform does not change

10:46 10/05/2023 The American diplomat in Tirana, Yuri Kim, has spoken about the new US ambassador who is expected to replace her in her position in Albania, David Kostelancik, whose candidacy has been approved by the US Senate. In the activity for the 110th anniversary of the creation of the Supreme Court, Yuri Kim said … Read more

David J. Kostelancik receives confirmation from the Senate, the ambassador succeeds Yuri Kim in Tirana

16:43 28/04/2023 David J. Kostelancik, the nominee of President Joe Biden as the new ambassador of the United States of America to Albania, received confirmation from the Senate this Friday. Support for it has been unanimous. He will replace current ambassador Yuri Kim. In his presentation before the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate on … Read more

Gjiknuri reacts after the meeting with Kim, reveals what they discussed

12:55 08/03/2023 The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjiknuri, reacted on social networks after the meeting with the American Ambassador Yuri Kim. He revealed that he talked with him about the May 14 elections, the current political situation and ODIHR’s recommendations. “I had the pleasure of hosting the ambassador of the United States … Read more

Yuri Kim meeting with Gjiknuri and Alibeaj

10:54 08/03/2023 The US ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, visited the headquarters of the Socialist Party with its General Secretary, Damian Gjiknur, this Wednesday. After the meeting with Gjiknuri, Ambassador Kim went to the Presidency of the Assembly to meet with Enkelejd Alibeaj. Journalist Enkel Xhangoli, reporting from the pink headquarters, said that the meeting … Read more

1-year anniversary of war in Ukraine, Kim: Putin thought the West was divided, he was wrong

13:02 24/02/2023 This Friday in Tirana, a solidarity demonstration was held in support of Ukrainian citizens, who have been facing Russian aggression for 1 year. Politicians, diplomats and ordinary citizens marched and gathered in front of the Tirana City Hall with the Ukrainian flag in their hands. The US ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, was … Read more

Kim congratulates the new president of the Constitutional Court

17:54 21/02/2023 “To strengthen the integrity and independence of the court” The US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim, has congratulated Holta Zaçaj on her election as head of the Constitutional Court. Through a post on social networks, the American diplomat says that the judges will strengthen the integrity and independence of the Court. Further, the … Read more

Rama agrees with Kim: KLP should not be influenced by anyone for the election of the new head of SPAK

11:04 14/12/2022 In a post on social networks, Prime Minister Edi Rama has expressed his agreement with the American ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, on the process of electing the new head of SPAK. The head of the government says that the new head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office is not chosen by the government, … Read more

Rama: There is no rift with Ambassador Yuri Kim

19:19 13/12/2022 Prime Minister: MEPJ’s statement on the procedure did not violate ethics Prime Minister Edi Rama confirms that DASH has started the procedures for the removal of the US ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim. After the meeting with the leaders of the districts at the headquarters of the SP, the head of the government … Read more

Ambassador Kim meets Prime Minister Rama

00:14 13/12/2022 The situation in Kosovo was also the subject of the conversation that Prime Minister Edi Rama held this Monday with the American ambassador in Tirana Yuri Kim. According to the announcement of the American embassy, ​​Ambassador Kim recognized Albania’s contributions to regional stability, including calls for self-restraint in northern Kosovo. “The United States … Read more