Bombardier says it will stop making the famous Learjet loved by Frank Sinatra after nearly 60 years

Production of the Learjet, which became synonymous with lifestyles of the rich and famous as the private jet of choice for Frank Sinatra, will halt later this year after nearly 60 years, Canada‘s Bombardier announced Thursday. The aviation company said that it plans to focus on more profitable planes after the Learjet fell out of … Read more

Private Bombardier Learjet arrives in Barbados 12 hours after sonic boom saw RAF fighters scrambled

A private jet has arrived in Barbados 12 hours after a sonic boom was heard by millions of people in England when two RAF fighters were scrambled to intercept it. Witnesses described a noise like a bomb or doors slamming as the Typhoons raced to the plane, which took off in Germany before losing contact … Read more