Basha invites citizens: Let’s start a journey together without delay, 100% open lists

17:43 24/05/2023 The former chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has returned to the political scene after more than a year. In his meeting with young people in Tirana, Basha invited all citizens to come together to start a new path that will enable Albanians to have the power to vote. The latter, says … Read more

Basha returns, meets young people in Tirana: No campaign has started yet, let’s talk relaxed

17:14 24/05/2023 The former head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has returned to meetings with citizens. After more than a year from his resignation from the function of the president of the DP, Basha this Wednesday held a conversation with the young people in the capital. He emphasized in his speech that in these … Read more

The arrest of Fredi Beleri, Rama reacts: Do not rush to political conclusions, let’s wait for the evidence of justice

10:45 12/05/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted after the escort by the police of Fredi Beleri, the candidate of the opposition coalition “Bashkë Fitomje” in Himare. In a reaction on social networks, Rama writes that the political battle against Beler has nothing to do with the prosecution’s investigations against him. The Prime Minister appeals … Read more

Media: Let’s vote for change on May 14, SP is destroying the family

12:14 24/04/2023 The President of PR: By supporting the candidates of the coalition “Bashke Fitomje”, we defeat evil The chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, has asked the citizens of Korça to vote for the members of the municipal council, as he has emphasized that the vote for the leadership of the Municipality should … Read more

Citizen-Rama: I came running, let’s plant the tree together! It doesn’t matter if it’s blue or red, because we got tired

19:05 12/04/2023 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, opened today the campaign for the May 14 elections in the city of Durrës. After his speech, he met many citizens closely while planting trees. An elderly lady approached the prime minister offering to deliver a very important message together. Although she has voted for … Read more

Rama: Let’s hope that the devil is not hidden in the details and the unsigned agreement becomes a reality

00:23 19/03/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama chose to start his reaction to the agreement reached in Ohrid on Saturday between Kosovo and Serbia with an expression used by the head of EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell, who said at the press conference:It is often said that the devil is in the details, but sometimes the … Read more

March 3, Berisha-citizens: Let’s unite, it’s not a party movement

20:02 28/02/2023 The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held another meeting this Tuesday with the leadership structures of the branches of this political force. In his speech, Berisha called on citizens to join the March 3 protest. He emphasized that that day is not a party movement, but a civic movement. “We must … Read more

Berisha: The revolution in the next phase, let’s work for the victory of the local elections

18:25 21/02/2023 At the meeting of the National Council of the DP, the chief democrat Berisha gave his instructions for the local elections on May 14. During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party Berisha said that from morning to evening we must work for the victory of the elections. Berisha stated that DP … Read more

Berisha gathers the leaders of the districts: Let’s organize with the membership, supporters and citizens

14:21 20/02/2023 The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has today gathered the PD leaders in the districts to discuss the opposition action. Berisha said that the peaceful revolution does not happen only with protests but also with civil disobedience. For these actions, said the chief democrat, intensive meetings are needed with the members … Read more