Berisha: I appeal to the Albanians, on February 11, let’s remove Rama from office

12:53 03/02/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, at the weekly conference with journalists, called on all citizens to participate in the protest called by the opposition on February 1 at 12:00. Chief Democrat Berisha has called on everyone to remove Prime Minister Rama from office on February 11, whom he says is … Read more

Berisha appealed to the citizens: Let’s stand up in powerful protests

20:10 31/01/2023 The Democratic Party gathered the Presidency this Tuesday. The head of the blue seat during the speech addressed to the members of the presidium stopped for the most part on what he considers as the “scandal of the century”, the case of the arrest of the former FBI official, Charles McGonigal. He accused … Read more

Berisha appealed to the citizens: Let’s get up, this rot will not go away except with a revolution

18:39 12/12/2022 In his speech on the floor of the Parliament, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, called for a revolution. Chief Democrat Berisha emphasizes that “those who are afraid of the revolution are criminals”. Sali Berisha: But what is Gerti compared to that. Yes, this one is 10 times more criminal than … Read more

“This can block the roads”, Berisha: Let’s open the doors to the friends we have in the districts, let’s invite them to Tirana

19:52 30/11/2022 Regarding the protest that will be held on December 6, the day that the EU-BP summit will be held in Tirana, Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has invited those living in Tirana who have family and friends from the districts to open the doors of their homes. since December 5, as the head of … Read more

Berisha congratulates the 110th anniversary of Independence: Let’s transform Albania into the home of the future

10:34 28/11/2022 Sali Berisha shared his congratulations on the Independence Day with all Albanians inside and outside the borders. “Without the independence of Albania, we would have disappeared into the mists or nebulae of the Balkans. Praise God, today we are free! In Albania, in Kosovo and wherever we are”. Through a message on social … Read more

Albania-Kosovo/ Kurti: Let’s be happy when we get involved in each other’s public affairs not to hinder, but to contribute

12:53 27/11/2022 In his speech during the joint session between the Assembly of Albania and Kosovo, the Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti congratulated all Albanians wherever they are “Happy 110th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Albania”. During his speech, Kurti gave a message about Albania-Kosovo relations: We should rejoice when we engage … Read more

Peleshi message from Shkodra: Let’s leave the political differences, come together to face the situation

14:48 21/11/2022 “Let’s leave the political differences and come together to face the situation. We are far from the 2010 scenario. That scenario has not been repeated since 2010. Spahia and all other mayors are invited to join, there is no political connection today”. this was the message that Defense Minister Niko Peleshi gave from … Read more

Alibeaj: Democrats should come up with a winning candidate for the local elections, let’s put an end to Rama’s regime

18:47 18/10/2022 At the end of the meeting of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party that took place in the Presidency of the Assembly, Enkelejd Alibeaj told the media that it is necessary for the Democrats to come up with a single candidate in the 2022 local elections. Aliabey even emphasized that it is … Read more

Let’s celebrate: Berry and cream shortbreads 

Let’s celebrate: Berry and cream shortbreads By Eleanor Maidment Published: 00:02 BST, 4 April 2021 | Updated: 00:02 BST, 4 April 2021 You can use any berry jam in the filling of these pretty sandwiched shortbreads. MAKES 8-10 PREPARE 30 minutes, plus 30 minutes chilling COOK 20 minutes 110g unsalted butter, at room temperature 50g … Read more