Meta: These are exceptional elections, to punish the bitter experiment with the local government

12:32 10/05/2023 The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, considers the May 14 elections, when the mayors are voted on, to be extraordinary. In a press conference, Meta said that citizens should punish what he calls an experiment with the last local elections, when almost all municipalities were won by the Socialist Party. “I … Read more

Local elections/ OSCE: We expect a peaceful campaign

16:10 13/04/2023 The OSCE presence in Albania appeals for a peaceful election campaign between political parties. In a reaction on social networks, the OSCE recommends that political competition be as constructive as possible. “The election campaign for the May 14 local elections starts tomorrow! An important step towards strengthening and consolidating democracy in Albania at … Read more

May 14, Gjiknuri talks about the SP campaign: We have concrete projects at the local and governmental level

17:28 10/04/2023 The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjiknuri, spoke this Monday through a Skype connection to Klan News regarding the majority election campaign. Gjiknuri calls the initiative of the socialists to plant trees before the local elections on May 14 a different campaign, without much noise and more fair. As he states … Read more

Local elections, Patozi: We address the citizens who are in front of Rama and on the other hand are not in the political line of Berisha and Meta

14:19 07/04/2023 Representative of the “Democratic Persuasion” Astrit Patozi in a Skype connection for Klan News spoke about the pre-election situation and what is expected to happen after May 14. As for the non-production of candidates for mayor by “Bindje”, Patozi said that the main goal is for the opposition to come up with one … Read more

Alibeaj reacts after the KAS decision: We invite all democratic candidates to join the local elections

15:25 16/03/2023 After the KAS decided that the CEC should register the PD with the vice-president Enkelejd Alibeaj in the capacity of the commanding chairman of the party in the local elections of May 14, the latter reacted through a post on social networks. Alibeaj welcomes today’s decision of KAS, as he invites all democratic … Read more

Local elections/ Alibeaj: On March 20, the approval of candidates

20:00 10/03/2023 Through a statement to the media, Enkelejd Alibeaj announced that the process of approving candidacies for municipal councils and mayors will be completed by March 20. During his speech, Alibeaj stated that they will go to the elections as he said that all the documentation they have deposited with the CEC is in … Read more

Local elections, Berisha: Rama is hopeless even if he collects all the locks and Alibashes of the Balkans

12:31 10/03/2023 In his weekly conference with journalists, Sali Berisha stated that the most positive development of these days was the enthusiastic and powerful start of the electoral campaign of the Democratic Party. Berisha expressed confidence in the victory in the May 14 elections, stressing that Prime Minister Edi Rama is hopeless even if he … Read more

Local elections/ Noka: We will build a solid coalition, Meta part of this confrontation with the regime

20:37 09/03/2023 The General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Flamur Noka, said that the Chairman of the CEC, Ilirjan Celibashi, should register the DP in the elections, as he added that he chose to “wash his hands” with today’s decision by not recognizing Berisha as the chairman of the DP. -‘s. Invited to “Milori Live” … Read more

Local elections, Celibashi: Funds for parties will be distributed after March 31

11:47 01/03/2023 The State Commissioner of Elections, Ilirjan Celibashi, in a conversation with journalists, stated that after March 31, funds will be distributed to political parties. “We will distribute the funds after March 31. It is the last date that the political parties will have to submit the financial report for 2022. The distribution of … Read more

Berisha: The revolution in the next phase, let’s work for the victory of the local elections

18:25 21/02/2023 At the meeting of the National Council of the DP, the chief democrat Berisha gave his instructions for the local elections on May 14. During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party Berisha said that from morning to evening we must work for the victory of the elections. Berisha stated that DP … Read more