Territorial Reform, the mandate of the Commission is postponed

16:03 22/09/2022 Within a few weeks, the socialists have changed their approach regarding the need to change the territorial administrative map. The head of the parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, declared that they would not give consensus to the request of the democrats who are asking the Territorial Reform Commission to increase the number of municipalities … Read more

Arkansas lifts mask mandate and makes everyone 16 and older eligible for COVID-19 vaccination TODAY

Arkansas has lifted its mask mandate and made everyone aged 16 and older eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday. Governor Asa Hutchinson said on Tuesday that businesses, such as restaurants and stores, will have the option to require masks on their premises  and implored residents to respect those decisions.  ‘Please be respectful and mindful … Read more

Matthew McConaughey ‘dumbfounded’ over Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to lift Texas’ mask mandate

Uvalde-born, Austin-based Texan Matthew McConaughey was ‘dumbfounded’ over Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to lift Texas‘ mask mandate on March 10. ‘I was a little dumbfounded by the decision,’ the 51-year-old Oscar winner tells CBS This Morning next Sunday. ‘I understand, “Go back to work.” What I did not understand was, “Pull the mask mandate.” We’re … Read more

Maskless revelers take to the streets in Mississippi after mask mandate is lifted

Hundred of people took to the streets of Mississippi without a mask in sight on Friday night after the state lifted their COVID 19 restrictions on March 3. Oxford, home of Ole Miss, saw people out in full force, eating at restaurants and shopping at stores like the coronavirus pandemic was a distant memory – rather than … Read more

Biden orders federal mask mandate and STOPS building Trump’s border wall with 15 executive orders

Joe Biden’s first act as president Wednesday will center around signing a flurry of executive actions undoing much of what Donald Trump implemented through his own executive orders – like stopping border wall construction, implementing a mask mandate and ending the ‘Muslim Ban.’  After being sworn into office in his noon inauguration ceremony Wednesday, Biden … Read more

Roxy Jacenko slams ‘disgraceful’ anti-vaxxers protesting mask mandate in Bondi

Roxy Jacenko slams ‘disgraceful’ bongo drum-playing anti-vaxxers protesting mask mandate in Bondi shopping centre By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia Published: 07:06 GMT, 3 January 2021 | Updated: 07:06 GMT, 3 January 2021 Roxy Jacenko has slammed anti-mask and vaccine protesters who swarmed Sydney’s Bondi on Sunday to oppose the city-wide mask mandate.  The … Read more

Coronavirus cases fell by 6% in Kansas after the state’s mask mandate

Counties in Kansas that followed the state’s mask mandate earlier this year saw coronavirus cases fall, but those that didn’t witnessed infections spiking, a new study finds. In July, Governor Laura Kelly, a Democrat, issued a face covering mandate, but a state law allowed counties to opt out.  For the counties that required masks, a … Read more

‘Zero emission mandate’ could force makers to sell more electric cars

Manufacturers could be forced to sell a rising share of electric cars each year to speed-up the shift to zero-emission vehicles, according to reports. The Times said ministers are considering a California-style ‘zero emission vehicle mandate’, which would be similar to the one introduced in the US state in the 1990s and demand a minimum volume … Read more

Coronavirus cases in Arizona declined by 75% during the summer after mask mandate, CDC report finds

Coronavirus cases in Arizona declined by as much as 75 percent during the later summer months after a mask mandate was implemented, a new report finds. From late June to early July state health officials were reporting more than 3,500 daily cases of COVID-19. However, after Gov Doug Ducey (R) ordered that all residents needed … Read more