Google Maps Live View upgrade shows users AR cues for directions INSIDE malls, airports and stations

Google Maps is no longer an outdoor navigation system – the tech giant is rolling out an upgrade that provides directions inside different facilities. Users can now use Live View on smartphones to maneuver around malls, airports and train stations. The Indoor Live View Feature uses AR cues to provide turn-by-turn directions over a live … Read more

Google Maps unveils editing tool that let users draw in roads

Google Maps has launched a map editing tool for desktop that lets users add new or missing roads to the landscape. This feature, which is rolling out over the coming months in more than 80 countries will let users add missing roads by drawing lines, rename roads, realign or delete incorrect roads and report if a road … Read more

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: 1Spatial is the digital maps expert

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Here’s a really hot tip…1Spatial is the fast-growing digital maps expert that helps find a way to fires By Joanne Hart, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 21:51 GMT, 6 March 2021 | Updated: 21:51 GMT, 6 March 2021 Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget was clear – when it comes to business, the Government … Read more

Mystery medieval tunnels that don’t appear on maps are uncovered near 12th century abbey

Mystery medieval tunnels that don’t appear on any maps are uncovered near 12th century abbey by workmen moving electricity pole The team stumbled on the underground network – unseen for hundreds of years The tunnel site was found near to the Tintern Abbey close to the England border Engineers working for Western Power Distribution stumbled … Read more

Google Maps: Stoke pranksters stage axe murder scene as they see camera

Crime seen! Pranksters are snapped staging an axe murder scene in the street after spotting the Google Maps van Image showed man wielding object as his friend lays beneath him on the street Many weren’t fooled by scene, which took place in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire Several told how the men likely saw the Google car coming … Read more

Google Maps users can pay for parking and the subway on Android app

Google Maps now lets users pay for parking meters and subway rides directly in its Android app and iOS is ‘soon’ to follow Drivers tap the ‘pay for parking’ button from driving navigation in Google Maps Then you input the meter number and how much time you want to buy You can add more time … Read more

James Niehues: The man who HAND-PAINTED the ski trail maps for over 200 resorts

Computers nil, man with a pencil and paintbrushes, one. Meet James Niehues, an artist who has hand-painted over 200 ski resort trail maps across North America, South America, New Zealand and Australia, despite competition from map-makers using computer-generated imagery. His amazing artistry has shepherded millions of skiers in some of the world’s most famous resorts … Read more

Vet who took a selfie with Google Maps van five years ago gets caught on camera by vehicle again

Google snaps! Vet caught on camera by the Maps surveillance van does it AGAIN in another spot five years later – in practically the same outfit Charlie Tewson, 32, from Wokingham, took selfie with Google Maps van in 2015 He was outside the surgery where he works when he saw camera filming street Jumped at … Read more

Buyer who looked up ‘cheap’ £60,000 Rightmove home on Google Maps spies a policeman outside

A first-time buyer who got excited after finding a ‘cheap’ property online has told how he realised ‘something wasn’t right’ when he looked it up on Google Street View – and spotted a policeman outside. Scottish comedian Darren Connell said he’s been saving for a house for some time and was intrigued when he found the … Read more

£87m Siberian mansion linked to Putin ‘removed from Russian maps’

A luxury mansion linked to Vladimir Putin in Siberia has been removed from a Russian online map site following an outcry over the president’s £1billion Black Sea palace.   An £87 million hunting and fishing retreat beside the Yenisei River was previously visible on online Yandex Maps. But it has recently vanished from maps on this … Read more