Local elections/ Alibeaj: On March 20, the approval of candidates

20:00 10/03/2023 Through a statement to the media, Enkelejd Alibeaj announced that the process of approving candidacies for municipal councils and mayors will be completed by March 20. During his speech, Alibeaj stated that they will go to the elections as he said that all the documentation they have deposited with the CEC is in … Read more

Borrell and Varhelyi, on March 16 in Tirana

14:53 10/03/2023 On March 16, the High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, and the European Commissioner for Enlargement, Oliver Varhely, are expected to arrive in Tirana. Klan News reporter Klesiana Omeri reports that EU officials will meet in the Albanian capital for the Stabilization-Association Council. The Stabilization-Association Council meets once a year to … Read more

Local elections, Celibashi: Funds for parties will be distributed after March 31

11:47 01/03/2023 The State Commissioner of Elections, Ilirjan Celibashi, in a conversation with journalists, stated that after March 31, funds will be distributed to political parties. “We will distribute the funds after March 31. It is the last date that the political parties will have to submit the financial report for 2022. The distribution of … Read more

March 3, Berisha-citizens: Let’s unite, it’s not a party movement

20:02 28/02/2023 The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held another meeting this Tuesday with the leadership structures of the branches of this political force. In his speech, Berisha called on citizens to join the March 3 protest. He emphasized that that day is not a party movement, but a civic movement. “We must … Read more

Berisha: March 3 protest, against Rama

15:45 27/02/2023 “Congress to investigate the McGonigal affair” Although the protest was called on the same day when the Court will decide on the fate of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha guarantees that the March 3 protest was called against Edi Rama and his government. “The protest is against Edi Rama, against the knife he … Read more

March in Tirana for Ukraine, Ambassador Shukrov: Gratitude for Albania’s role in the UNSC

12:51 24/02/2023 Hundreds of citizens, ministers, diplomats and other officials marched this Friday in the capital in support of Ukrainian citizens, who have been standing firm in the face of Russian aggression for 1 year. In the speech held at this event organized by the Municipality of Tirana, the Ukrainian ambassador to our country, Volodymyr … Read more

Protest called by the opposition, Berisha: March 3 an extraordinary day

18:54 21/02/2023 At the meeting of the National Council of the Democratic Party, Chief Democrat Berisha stated that the national protest called on March 3 will be an extraordinary day. For that day, the chairman of the DP has said that Albanians will express the spirit of the protest. Among other things, Berisha added that … Read more

DP, national protest on March 3. Berisha: The target is Rama, not the Court of Appeal

15:42 15/02/2023 As on March 3, the Court of Appeal is expected to decide on the fate of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha has called the next national protest. He shared the decision taken in the Presidency with the deputies of the parliamentary group, where he also defined the only objective of the revolution that … Read more