Berisha: Unbeatable battle to bring to light every fact of the McGonigal scandal

12:33 04/02/2023 Responding to the citizens in a direct communication from social networks, the leader of the Democrats Sali Berisha said that the McGonigal case will not pass like the others. According to him, this case has deeply shocked the Albanian and international public opinion. He emphasized that PD is determined to do “an unbeaten … Read more

Berisha: Rama under investigation for the “McGonigal” case

23:39 02/02/2023 “Revolution if DP does not register in the elections” In an interview given to the show “Opinion”, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, says that he is sure that Prime Minister Edi Rama is under investigation by the American authorities as being involved in the case against the former FBI counterintelligence … Read more

The opposition wants Rama for “McGonigal”, Balla: The Prime Minister is in office

13:33 02/02/2023 The chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party Taulant Balla says that the Prime Minister has the right to delegate the development of an interpellation. Speaking to journalists after the end of the parliament, Balla considers today’s parliamentary session “ridiculous”. “The Prime Minister of Albania can delegate the development of an … Read more

Alibeaj: Rama should have been in the plenary session to give clarifications on the “McGonigal” case

13:12 02/02/2023 Enkelejd Alibeaj has stated in a statement to the media that he was not present at the plenary session today after he made an official visit to the United Kingdom. From the premises outside the Parliament, Alibeaj stated that an interpellation was requested by the opposition MPs with Prime Minister Rama on the … Read more

Berisha convenes the presidency of the Democratic Party: Rama and McGonigal staged a coup

19:42 31/01/2023 At today’s meeting of the Presidency in the blue headquarters, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke again about the McGonigal case. Berisha said that Albania is in an extraordinary moment, adding that Rama and the former FBI official staged a coup by trying to eliminate political pluralism. Sali Berisha: We … Read more

The “McGonigal” case, Taulant Balla: It has nothing to do with the Prime Minister or a member of the government

20:49 26/01/2023 The head of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, spoke in a direct link to “Milori Live” about the most discussed events recently, where the main one was the case of the former senior FBI official McGonigal. The former official was recognized on Tuesday by the Washington Court with 9 … Read more

McGonigal file debate in parliament

15:40 26/01/2023 Berisha: Rama has no escape. Balla: Noise for “January 21” The Prime Minister’s absence from the session and the rejection of the opposition’s request for a motion to debate with him on the McGonigal case has brought back heated debates in parliament. “Edi Rama should come here or announce his resignation and go … Read more

The “McGonigal” case, Prime Minister Rama explains how he knew Agron Nezaj and Dorian Ducka

18:36 25/01/2023 Agron Nezaj and Dorian Ducka are two Albanians who are mentioned in the American justice file where former senior FBI official McGonigal is accused of conflict of interest for a sum of money and his undeclared visits to Albania and meetings with Prime Minister Rama while has been on duty. The head of … Read more

McGonigal allegations, Edi Rama: I met the FBI official, but the investigation has nothing to do with me and the government

17:57 25/01/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama says that he has met with former senior FBI official McGonigal, who is under indictment in the US, but this investigation has nothing to do with him. Speaking to the journalists after the meeting with the leaders of SP districts, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the meeting he … Read more