Mediu: Our task is to be united

13:32 02/11/2022 Head of PR: The right must unite in its political identity Allies of the Democratic Party have started the meetings at the base, while the process of internal elections for the candidates for mayor, or as they are known, the primaries, has started. The chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, held a … Read more

“It is not done by letter correspondence”, Fatmir Mediu comments on the failure of negotiations in DP

21:49 01/11/2022 Fatmir Mediu, the head of the Republican Party, invited to “Milori Live” on Klan News, spoke this Tuesday about the failure of negotiations in the Democratic Party. The announcement of the failure of the negotiations within the DP by the group led by Enkelejd Alibeaj to come up with a joint candidate of … Read more

“We think we are irreplaceable, there is a need for another movement”, Fatmir Mediu: DP’s understanding of election issues was idiotic

21:54 19/10/2022 The chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, was invited this Wednesday to “Milori Live”, on Klan News, where he discussed the problems of Albanian politics, especially those within the opposition structures. He has shown that he is dissatisfied with the way the opposition is being managed, as according to him they are … Read more

Mediu proposes two oppositions to choose opposition candidates for the 2023 elections

14:33 29/09/2022 The President of PR: To conduct open primaries within the opposition for candidates, or through polls Although DP is on the verge of holding the primaries to choose its candidates to compete in the local elections of 2023, its ally, the president of PR, Fatmir Mediu, has proposed two ways to choose the … Read more