Rama: We are not running to become members of the EU, we need a new cooperation path for funds

11:16 31/05/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama participates in the security forum that is being organized in Bratislava, Slovakia. The head of the government stopped at the delayed decision to open membership talks as he said that this happened as a result of the situations in certain EU countries. He said that the time has come … Read more

Veliaj meets the new members of the Municipal Council: We also cooperate with other political forces

14:15 19/05/2023 After the victory in the May 14 elections, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj held a meeting with the new members of the Municipal Council elected by the Socialist Party for the next 4 years. According to Veliaj, the election result showed that every vote for the socialists was important. “We implemented the … Read more

Hajdari: The President of the DP should be elected by the members and not by the Court

10:53 03/03/2023 “The court cannot treat the DP as loot“ While the process is expected to start in the Court of Appeal for the logo and stamp of the Democratic Party, the deputy of the Democratic Party, Rudina Hajdari, has stated that the president of this political force should be elected by a free vote … Read more

Primaries/ Berisha: 55,000 DP members and sympathizers voted, 15% more than any other vote

17:38 14/12/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, at the meeting of the chairmanship of the Democratic Party, emphasized the primaries held by this political force. During his speech, Chief Democrat Berisha said that 55,000 DP members and sympathizers voted in the primaries, which Berisha translates into 15% more than any other vote. … Read more

Begaj welcomes members of the Academy of Sciences and representatives of academies from the European region

18:58 10/10/2022 The President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj today welcomed the members of the Academy of Sciences, representatives of the academies from the countries of the region and Europe as well as associates of the Academy and other personalities, present at the jubilee celebrations on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment … Read more

PM urges members of the public to ‘tick off’ people who litter

Boris Johnson urges members of the public to ‘tick off’ anyone who litters as he says people ‘must obey the basic laws of respect for others’ as easing of lockdown sees outdoor picnic surge Boris Johnson has said members of the public should ‘tick off’ people who litter The Prime Minister said he ‘abhors litter’ … Read more

Boris Johnson will NOT attend Prince Philip’s funeral to allow family members to attend

Boris Johnson will not attend the Duke of Edinburgh‘s funeral to allow for the attendance of as many family members as possible during coronavirus restrictions, No 10 has said. The Prime Minister was understood to have been expected to attend the ceremony but offered to step aside with the number of guests allowed limited to … Read more

New blow for Sir Keir Starmer as 60% of Labour Party members think he should campaign to rejoin EU

New blow for Sir Keir Starmer as 60% of Labour Party members think he should campaign to rejoin EU despite his desire to move on from Brexit YouGov survey found 59 per cent thought Labour should campaign to rejoin EU Sir Keir enraged pro-Brexit colleagues by leading calls for a second referendum Poll comes as … Read more

National Trust members launch campaign against charity’s ‘woke agenda’

Chartwell, Kent Chartwell’s land has history dating back to the 14th century and it is thought to have been built on as early as the 16th century, with Historic England noting that some of the Tudor brickwork is still visible on external walls.  Chartwell, now a Grade I listed building, became the family home of … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon launches another attack on Alex Salmond as Alba recruits 4,000 members

Nicola Sturgeon has launched an attack on her rival Alex Salmond as his new party Alba recruits 4,000 members, as a devastating poll shows the new party is only predicted to get three per cent of the vote. Alex Salmond would have been ‘wanting and expecting’ a larger number of politicians to defect to his … Read more