Foodies are losing their minds over PANCAKE burgers

Foodies are losing their minds over PANCAKE burgers – you can recreate them at home with your favourite toppings Foodies are obsessing over mouth-watering pancake burgers  The breakfast meal are made with fluffy buns, strawberries, cream and butter While the burger originates from Japan, it wouldn’t be difficult to recreate   By Carina Stathis For Daily … Read more

Make EU-r minds up! Von Der Leyen STILL insists AstraZeneca must ‘catch-up’ deliveries to Europe

European Union chief Ursula von der Leyen has insisted that AstraZeneca must ‘catch-up’ on its deliveries to the Continent before it is allowed to export vaccines to the UK. EU leaders stopped short of voting for an outright export ban amid bitter squabbling at a crunch virtual summit hosted by Brussels on Thursday evening. Von … Read more

Missions to Mars could affect astronauts’ MINDS and make them mistake happy faces for anger

Travelling to Mars could affect the mind of the astronauts making the long journey – leaving them more likely to misidentify facial expressions, study warns. Current NASA plans could see the first humans step foot on the surface of the Red Planet by the end of the next decade as part of the Artemis mission. … Read more

Women believe they have stronger ability to read minds, study shows 

‘We can read minds better than men’:, Women believe they have stronger ability to understand what others are thinking, study shows Study shows women are better at understanding what people are really thinking  The researchers say different  people all have different mind-reading abilities They say some are inherently better than others and this can cause … Read more

Expert reveals why women shouldn’t be afraid to seem ‘difficult’ and speak their minds

A British public speaking expert has revealed the six phrases anyone can use to regain control of a conversation after being interrupted.   Patricia Seabright shares her expertise in a new book She Said! A Guide For Millennial Women to Speaking and Being Heard and explains women especially should not be afraid of speaking up, even if … Read more

Is The Crown poisoning minds against our proudest institutions?

For the past five years, my life has been governed by a simple rule. No matter how often people told me how good it was, I was never, ever going to watch The Crown. Why? Not because I have anything against Netflix, the show’s creator Peter Morgan, or fine actors like Matt Smith and Claire … Read more

Married At First Sight Australia blows English viewers’ minds

‘The best show I’ve ever seen!’ Married At First Sight Australia blows English viewers’ minds after Tracey Jewel’s fling with Sean Thomsen is exposed on UK screens By Monique Friedlander For Daily Mail Australia Published: 02:54 BST, 22 September 2020 | Updated: 02:55 BST, 22 September 2020 From Tracey Jewel’s bizarre love triangle to Carly Bowyer … Read more