Salary increase, Sali Berisha: Battle in Parliament to establish the vital minimum of 200 Euros

13:47 24/05/2023 Tomorrow it is expected that the Parliament will discuss and vote on the draft law for the salary increase for all categories, including the ministers and deputies who doubled their salaries a day before in the Economy Committee. Speaking about this issue, Sali Berisha said that for him, the most important thing is … Read more

Rama: Within the mandate, the minimum salary will be 45 thousand Lek

13:37 24/04/2023 In a meeting with employees of the construction sector, Prime Minister Rama reiterated the call for businesses to raise wages. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama stated that within his governing mandate, the minimum wage will go from the old 40,000 Lek to the old 45,000 Lek. Rama has stated that the salary … Read more

Rama: It is unacceptable that 32% of people in construction receive the minimum wage, we will not tolerate it anymore

14:50 29/03/2023 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, during a meeting with employees of a construction company in Tirana, stated that it is unacceptable that 32% of the 53,000 people in this sector receive the minimum wage. Rama said that this will no longer be tolerated by the government. Edi Rama: 32 percent … Read more

Rama with the beneficiary students: Scholarship equal to the minimum wage, obligation to stay in Albania for 3 years after studies

16:58 09/02/2023 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, held a meeting with the students who benefited from the new scholarship program. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama raised the concern regarding Albanian students who choose to study in Albania, while pursuing a professional career abroad. Rama took as an example the Faculty of … Read more

Kushi call for students: Apply for scholarships, they are equivalent to the minimum wage (Criteria)

12:52 23/11/2022 After the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Education Evis Kushi has called on all those students who meet the 3 main criteria, which she emphasized again, to apply for a scholarship that will be equivalent to the minimum wage, also to be exempted from study fees. Khushi also said … Read more

Prime Minister Rama: We are raising the minimum wage again. Entrepreneurs raise wages, people need

18:55 05/11/2022 From Lushnja, during a meeting with residents where he presented investments and other projects for the city, Prime Minister Edi Rama promised that there will be an increase in the minimum wage again, and according to him, this is necessary to help the citizens. “Wages will continue to rise, we will increase the … Read more

Rama: 200 to 400 students will benefit from a minimum wage scholarship

17:58 28/10/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama, during a meeting with young people in Burrel, stated that the excellence fund will be made available to students in Albania. According to him, the government has calculated that there are between 200 and 400 students who can benefit from a scholarship equal to a minimum wage. According to … Read more

Rama: We need to reach the minimum salary of 400,000 Lek as soon as possible

10:47 19/10/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama, during the meeting with the tourist operators in Gjirokastër, stated that the minimum salary of 400 thousand Lek should be reached as soon as possible. He said that in the government’s program it was foreseen that this would be achieved within the mandate, but it is necessary to do … Read more

Woman reveals she’s burning 3,500 calories every day and exercising a minimum of 20 hours a week

IT is 9am in Chingford, a leafy suburb in Essex. The locals are only just clambering out of their beds to start the weekend but in her ‘pain cave’, Lucy Charles-Barclay is getting ready for her second workout of the day. Her mini Jack Russell terrier Lola will be dutifully joining Lucy and her husband … Read more