11 days away from the elections/ Biberaj: The Prime Minister is like a clown in the campaign! Resulaj: The opposition is jealous of Rama’s strategy

13:58 03/05/2023 Local election day is only 11 days away. This Wednesday, in an interview with Klan News journalist Besard Jacaj, former democratic deputy Aleksandër Biberaj and SP deputy Pranvera Resulaj talked about the electoral campaign. On the one hand, Biberaj emphasized the lack of calculation of Prime Minister Edi Rama, while Resulaj said that … Read more

Berisha: When the Prime Minister steals, the whole chain follows him

15:41 30/04/2023 “The mayor of Fushë-Arrëzi, with a file in the prosecutor’s office” To show the degree of corruption in the local government of the socialists, Sali Berisha brought from Fushë Arrëzi as an example the mayor Fran Tuci, labeling him a miniature of Edi Rama. “The prime minister stole, the whole chain steals as … Read more

President Begaj meets the Croatian Foreign Minister

19:00 18/04/2023 Head of State: Croatian expertise helps us on the way to the EU President Bajram Begaj received in his office the Croatian Foreign Minister, Gordan Grlić Radman, who is on an official visit to Albania. At the meeting, the head of state praised Croatia’s support for EU integration, emphasizing the help that Croatian … Read more

Rama in Italy, meets the Minister of Economic Development Adolfo Urso

10:51 03/04/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama held a meeting with the Minister of Economic Development of Italy, Adolfo Urso, during his visit to Italy. The day before, the head of the Albanian government participated in the opening of a wine fair in Verona. It was this fair that made the leaders of the Open Balkans … Read more

Prime Minister Rama hosts Austrian President Van der Bellen in a meeting

18:53 27/03/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama received the President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, this Monday. “It was a pleasure to welcome today the President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen“, the Prime Minister wrote in a post on social networks. During his official visit to Albania, Van der Bellen stated that Austria will … Read more

Prime Minister Rama proposes Vlora Hysen as director of SHISH

15:17 17/03/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has proposed to President Bajram Begaj the name of Vlora Hysen for the post of director of the National Information Service. The news was announced by the head of the government himself through a post on Facebook. Rama met the President early this Friday morning. “Today I presented to … Read more

Prime Minister Rama: We are also looking at the average salary, a new scheme for all salaries

12:37 17/03/2023 After the increase of the minimum wage in the amount of another 400 thousand Lek that comes into force from April, Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced another scheme for wages. It is about the average salary and according to him, a new scheme is being studied for all salaries. “We are now … Read more

Rewards in April for pensioners and groups in need? How does Minister Ibrahimaj answer?

13:11 08/03/2023 The Minister of Finance and Economy, Delina Ibrahimaj, was asked this Wednesday after the government meeting if there will be bonuses for the month of April for pensioners. She stated that at the moment, a policy for giving remuneration to pensioners has not been defined. She said that the pension indexation policy will … Read more

Incident at the border, Prime Minister Abazovic: I have apologized to Professor Petraq Milo

14:40 27/02/2023 The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazovic, has publicly apologized to Professor Petraq Milo, who was raped by Montenegrin policemen on the border between Albania and Montenegro. In the joint press conference with Prime Minister Rama from Podgorica, Abazovic said that this issue should not be politicized and that such scenes will not … Read more