The Parliament approves the salary increase for the administration and deputies and ministers

14:54 25/05/2023 The Parliament of Albania has voted for the salary increase for the state administration and for the deputies and ministers. The law on salary increases for the administration was approved with 97 votes in favor, no abstentions, 2 against and 5 deputies who were present did not vote. The two deputies who voted … Read more

“From today we will see each other on the podcast”, Berisha invites Rama to a debate on his or the Prime Minister’s podcast

17:56 03/04/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a post on social networks, announced that he has recorded his podcast since December of last year, which he shared today. Berisha writes that the events have postponed the meeting with the public in this format, but starting today, he has announced that he … Read more

Balla: MPs and ministers of the SP are concerned about statements of a gender discrimination nature by deputy Berisha

12:06 13/02/2023 The chairman of the parliamentary group of the SP, Taulant Balla, in a statement to the media, announced that the women deputies and ministers of the Socialist Party will take a stand and a statement regarding the statements of the chairman of the DP, which calls “of the nature of gender and sexual … Read more

Berisha: McGonigal, Veliaj and the ministers have had orgies in nightclubs, they are photographed

12:32 10/02/2023 In today’s conference with journalists, the chief democrat Sali Berisha also spoke about the arrest of former FBI agent Charles McGonigal. Berisha said that there are photos of the former agent with the mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj and ministers having orgies in the clubs of Tirana. “McGonigal, Erion Veliaj, ministers have made … Read more

Bardhi: Rama should not hide behind the minister’s dress; Spiropali: Why are you afraid of women?

11:54 02/02/2023 The opposition demands that Prime Minister Edi Rama go to Parliament to interpellate with Democratic MP Gazment Bardhi on the “McGonigal” issue. But Rama, in his absence, has delegated Minister Elisa Spiropali to conduct the interpellation. Meanwhile, deputy Bardhi requests that the interview be held with the Prime Minister and not with Spiropali. … Read more

Rama, informal meeting with ministers

20:54 04/01/2023 “A lot of work to do in 2023” Prime Minister Edi Rama today held an informal meeting with members of the government cabinet at “Villa 30” in the Block area. The meeting that started around 16:00 in the afternoon lasted several hours and it was the prime minister himself who published some images … Read more

Rama analysis with the ministers, journalist Zotka: The meeting will continue tomorrow

16:44 04/01/2023 The Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama has gathered the ministers in “Vila 30” in an informal meeting. In a direct link to the news edition on TV Klan, journalist Elja Zotka reported that this meeting is a format that the prime minister has been practicing since 2012. Zotka emphasized that in … Read more

December 6/ Berisha: We will protest in front of the Prime Minister’s Office

13:19 25/11/2022 The announced protest of the opposition on December 6, the same day when the EU-Western Balkans summit is held in Albania, will be held at 12:00 in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. The news was given by the leader of the Democrats, Sali Berisha, during the weekly conference with journalists. For this … Read more

Michael’s Gove allies accused of stoking storm over David Cameron lobbying Ministers

Now Michael’s Gove allies are accused of stoking storm over David Cameron lobbying Ministers for a private finance firm David Cameron’s allies claim lobbying storm stoked by aides of Michael Gove Has suffered scrutiny over efforts to get Greensill Capital access to Covid loans This included lobbying Chancellor Rishi Sunak and two other Treasury Ministers By … Read more