Pictured: The most miraculous and marvellous English church treasures from Warwick to Yorkshire

Explore England’s places of worship and you’ll find masterpieces of design, some of the world’s most beautiful stained-glass windows and a host of astonishing murals, monuments and carvings spanning over a thousand years of turbulent history – as a fascinating new book reveals. The National Churches Trust teamed up with prolific church photographer Matthew Byrne … Read more

Mother, 45, ill with coronavirus makes miraculous recovery with help from arthritis drug ‘anakinra’

A mother who was in a coma and given three days to live after contracting coronavirus has made a miraculous recovery with help from an experimental drug. The family of Claire Haythorne, 45, from Hillsborough, Sheffield, said they had been through the ‘hardest two months’ of their lives. She contracted the virus at the start … Read more

Is this the most miraculous creature on the planet? It can return from the dead and is a bestseller

Even by the astonishing standards of the natural world, Anguilla anguilla, the ­European eel, is an almost unbelievable creature.  It can live for a hundred years. It can wriggle across fields.  Eels that appear dead and dried out can come back to threshing life.  During its existence, the eel changes into four different versions of … Read more