Petrol car sales peaked during coronavirus as consumers shift to EVs

A third of all new cars sold globally will be electric by the end of this decade as petrol and diesel vehicles ‘likely reached their sales peak’ during the pandemic, according to a new industry report. Deloitte says some 31.1million plug-in vehicles will be bought annually worldwide by the year 2030, with the shift in consumer sentiment … Read more

Six signs for investors that a company may be in trouble

The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to the collapse of several companies in recent months, from retailer Laura Ashley to German payment giant Wirecard. But in many cases, the coronavirus crisis was the last straw for companies that were already struggling with debts after years of mismanagement and bad business models.    Now that Government’s support for … Read more

Are we heading for a double-dip recession, a second Covid wave, both or something else?

The amazing recovery in by stock markets, particularly in the US, since the March Covid crashes has produced guarded optimism among investors around the world. Many small investors have jumped on the bandwagon, fleeing rock-bottom savings rates to open investing Isas. Optimistic analysts think that even if more bad news is on the horizon, Governments … Read more

Five ways UK motorways are set to change in the coming years

Installing overhead charging cables to power fleets of electric lorries would almost entirely eliminate UK road freight transport emissions by the late 2030s, according to a new government-funded report published this month. The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight’s white paper on ‘e-highways’ said they would cost an estimated £19.3billion to implement the overhead lines, similar … Read more

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Caretech Holdings

Care homes have had a torrid time during the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of lives have been lost, staff safety has been compromised and relatives have been unable to see their loved ones. This desperate situation has spread a pall over the entire sector. But Caretech Holdings focuses on care for children and young adults with … Read more

FIDELITY EUROPEAN VALUES: Fund bounces back from corona crash

FIDELITY EUROPEAN VALUES: Europe is back on track in hunt for payouts as fund bounces back from corona crash By Jeff Prestridge for The Mail on Sunday Published: 22:26 BST, 25 July 2020 | Updated: 10:31 BST, 28 July 2020 Investment trust Fidelity European Values has bounced back strongly since the sharp share price falls … Read more