Sovereign Metals has rutile and lots of it. In fact, it could have the largest rutile deposit anywhere in the world, if the results of ongoing exploration work go its way. For anyone not familiar, rutile is a significant source of titanium, a metal widely used in aerospace, clean-tech and medical applications, but which is … Read more

Nick Train backs UK growth revival despite poor start to 2022

Nick Train records bad start to 2022 but top fund manager says UK stocks will recover from ‘growth sell-off’ Finsbury Growth & Income trust net asset value fell 5.4% in January Almost every ‘growth’ investment in the trust fell in line with sell-off on Nasdaq  By Camilla Canocchi for Published: 16:00 GMT, 15 February … Read more

SMALL CAP SHARE IDEAS: Cenkos Securities

‘We are very good in difficult markets because we can still raise money for corporate clients,’ says Julian Morse, chief executive of Cenkos Securities. Morse’s comments will reassure the 100 or so growth companies that retain the group’s services, particularly as we head into a more volatile period for equity markets. For those unfamiliar with … Read more

Everyday investors can now bet on Cathie Woods’ Ark funds

UK investors will now be able to access Cathie Wood and Warren Buffet’s funds for the first time  Leverage Shares today launches 42 new exchange-traded products (ETPs)  Everyday investors can now bet against Cathie Woods’ Ark funds   They can also access a Berkshire Hathaway product for a fraction of the price By Angharad Carrick For … Read more

Investors put £1.1bn in Peter Hargreaves’ Blue Whale fund

Investors pour more than £1bn into Blue Whale fund set up by Hargreaves Lansdown billionaire and fund manager Stephen Yiu By Harriet Dennys, Financial Mail On Sunday Published: 21:50 GMT, 11 December 2021 | Updated: 12:02 GMT, 12 December 2021 Investors have poured more than £1billion into the fund set up by Hargreaves Lansdown billionaire … Read more

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Harvest rewards with Light Science

Once, the UK was self sufficient when it came to food. Today, more than half comes from abroad, with just 23 per cent of fruit and vegetables grown here, according to research based on Government data.  As recent weeks have shown, that reliance on imports can create serious shortages, with supermarkets routinely running out of … Read more

Asian funds could be the answer for investors seeking better dividend income

Obtaining dividend income from outside the UK has become a popular option for many investors in recent years – a trend fuelled by the pandemic and the collapse in dividends paid by many British companies.  This search for dividends has resulted in investment funds with a broad global income bent becoming increasingly popular.  Income funds … Read more

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Look for oil with Advance or go green with Harmony

Climate change activists may be causing havoc across the country but a simple fact remains: the world depends on oil and gas and will almost certainly continue to do so for some time.  Boris Johnson is set on pursuing a green agenda but as recent spikes in oil and gas prices show, demand for these … Read more