Customers forced to wait THREE HOURS to talk to their bank

Banking customers unable to visit a branch are being forced to wait for hours on the phone, a Money Mail investigation reveals. It is the latest blow for customers struggling to get a basic banking service in the pandemic, thanks to heavily restricted hours at High Street branches. Lloyds and NatWest have also paused or … Read more

New short-term best buy fixed-rate savings deals and cash Isas

More green shoots have appeared in the savings market as the recent revival in fixed-term savings rates has continued over the last week. Challenger banks have continued to increase their rates on short-term fixed-rate deals while best buy tax-free Isas have also been launched. Experts said the presence of Treasury-backed National Savings & Investments at … Read more

Best savings rates: QIB UK and United Trust Bank launch best buy fixed-rate bonds

Signs of ‘slight green shoots’ amid savings gloom as challenger banks launch new best buy fixed-rates Savings rates on all accounts have collapsed since March due to coronavirus  Over the last few weeks some banks have upped their fixed-rates Experts say these ‘baby steps’ suggest a ‘slight revival’ in fixed-rate bonds By George Nixon For … Read more

Why are so many banks still opening part-time? 

Banks have been slammed for failing to resume normal opening hours, with some branches only open for a mere four hours a day. Many branches restricted services during lockdown as they battled staff shortages, with some closing their doors altogether.  It has meant customers have been forced to queue around the block, with some being … Read more

Best current accounts: Halifax launches £100 switch offer

Current account customers who switch to Halifax using the official service can get a £100 bonus from today, in a move that might help revive competition among banks and building societies.   Those who earn hundreds of pounds from regularly switching accounts will hope the move from one of Britain’s biggest banks will spur others into … Read more

Billions pour into Premium Bonds lengthening odds of winning £1m

Another record month for Premium Bond buys: Billions more are now in the draw – does it make the odds of winning a £1m jackpot far slimmer? Savers have poured billions of pounds into Treasury-backed NS&I since March  The bank is effectively propping up savings rates and hoovering up billions  There were 6.2bn £1 Premium … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Bank account switching slumped April to June

Current account competition collapses thanks to coronavirus: More people moved bank in March than the next three months of lockdown Just 98,192 accounts were switched between April and June – a 65% fall  Banks closed accounts to new customers and withdrew switching bonuses  Figures for the first three months of this year found Santander shed … Read more

Best cash Isas 2020: Where to get the best cash Isa rates and deals

Our savings picks: This is Money’s five favourite best buy cash Isas – there are now NO easy-access deals paying 1% By Lee Boyce for Published: 11:23 BST, 17 December 2014 | Updated: 15:56 BST, 24 July 2020 Our assistant editor Lee Boyce picks his five favourite cash Isas for savers in 2020 – … Read more