Millions of pounds withdrawn from Help to Save scheme between March and June

Piggy bank raid: Nearly £2m of withdrawals made by hard-up savers holding Help to Save accounts in just three months Help to Save is a government scheme which pays out a bonus to eligible savers  It is designed to encourage new savers to build up a fund over a four-year period  Nearly £2m was withdrawn … Read more

Best savings rates: Barclays becomes the last high street bank to pay just 0.01% interest

A decade of misery for Britain’s savers has been capped off by cuts to easy access rates which now mean that savers can get no more than £1 interest for every £10,000 saved at any of the High Street banks. Barclays has followed HSBC, Lloyds Bank, NatWest and Santander in slashing the rate on its … Read more

Best current accounts: Top five bank accounts for switching with rewards

The New Year initially brought with it a handful of lucrative account switcher offers worth up to £175. Switching is something many of us put off, with a third of customers sticking with the same old bank we opened our first account with, despite bad service, hefty fees and little reward for our loyalty.  But … Read more