Last-known movements of missing Brit Sarm Heslop were not caught on bar’s CCTV due to power failure

The last-known movement of missing British woman Sarm Heslop who vanished in the US Virgin Islands last month were not caught on a bar’s CCTV because of a power failure.  Heslop, 41, from Southampton, Hampshire, vanished without a trace on March 7 after she and Ryan Bane, 44, had drinks at the 420 in Center … Read more

Kremlin says the West should ‘not worry’ about Russian troop movements on Ukraine’s border

Kremlin says the West should ‘not worry’ about Russian troop movements on Ukraine’s border amid fears the conflict between the countries is set to escalate Ukraine, US reported Russian troop movement in the border areas this week Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula following a bloody uprising in Ukraine The Kremlin has denied sending troops and … Read more

How police spent days trying to piece together Sarah Everard’s last known movements

The increasingly desperate search for Sarah Everard yesterday narrowed to rainswept woodland 55 miles from where she went missing. As officers painstakingly combed 500-acre Hoad’s Wood, locals said it was often used as a dumping ground. Two miles west of Ashford in Kent, the desolate spot is flanked by a railway line and an abandoned … Read more

Boris Johnson orders probe into attempts by far-left activists to ‘hijack’ movements

Boris Johnson has ordered a probe into attempts by far-left activists to ‘hijack’ movements such as Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion.  Bosses behind the investigation say they will look at the impact of ‘progressive extremism’ on cause groups – something described as a current ‘blind spot’ by those leading the probe. As well as … Read more

Engineers create school of robotic fish that can coordinate their movements

A school of robotic fish that are able to coordinate their movements underwater – just like real fish – have been created by a team of engineers.  Harvard University experts created the fish-inspired bots to work without any external control, mimicking the collective behaviours groups of fish demonstrate. Schools of fish exhibit complex, synchronised behaviours … Read more

Music-induced emotions activate brain regions involved with processing sound and movements

Music-induced emotions activate regions of the brain involved with processing sound and controlling movements, study reveals Brain scans allowed scientists to predict which songs participants were hearing Happy or sad music activated the auditory and motor cortex  The auditory cortex helps us perceive sound, so it processes melody and rhythm The motor cortex plans and controls … Read more

Health: Secret to good sleep is gentle repetitive movements that reduce alertness, fly study finds 

The secret to getting a sound night of sleep may lie in picking up good vibrations — at least it does if you’re a fly, a study has concluded. Researchers from the US found that flies sleep longer if gently vibrated to sleep — and wake up feeling more alert afterwards — and the same … Read more

Computer mouse movements ‘reveal whether you’re a risk-taker’, study says

A person’s secret impulse to take a risk can be spotted simply by the way they move a computer mouse across a screen, a new study shows.   In computerised gambling experiments, US participants had a choice of either clicking on a ‘safe’ option or a ‘risky’ option as they built up monetary rewards.  Researchers say … Read more

Copy cats: Gifted felines can imitate human movements on command even better than some dogs

Some very clever cats are able to recognise and imitate human actions on command — even better than some dogs — a study has reported.  Hungarian researchers worked with an 11-year-old kitty named Ebisu, who had been taught by her dog-trainer owner to copy her using the so-called ‘do-as-I-do’ method. This is a training regime long-applied … Read more

Madrid residents are told to limit their movements ‘to the maximum’

Madrid residents were told to limit their movements to ‘what is essential’ today as police checkpoints returned and the army prepared to fight the coronavirus outbreak at the epicentre of Europe’s second wave.   Health minister Salvador Illa urged people to avoid non-essential contact across the city – not just in the poorer areas where new … Read more