MPs are urging doctors to stop using ‘body mass index’

MPs urge doctors to ban ‘shaming’ term BMI or ‘body mass index’ amid fears it can harm patients’ self image Doctors should stop using body mass index as a measure of health, MPs say  The MPs instea want medics to adopt a ‘health at every size’ approach  Committee also suggested ‘dangerous’ obesity strategy may make … Read more

Tory MPs urge PM to ditch ‘costly’ holiday testing plans

Holidaymakers target countries with high vaccine levels like Israel, US and Malta as ministers look to ‘prioritise trips to nations where at least 50% of adults have had a jab’ while Tory MPs urge PM to ditch ‘costly’ testing plans Travel firms see bookings spike for trips to countries with high vaccination rate US, Malta … Read more

Tory MPs slam union guidance for nursery teachers to be taught about white privilege

Nursery teachers should be taught about white privilege so toddlers can ‘develop anti-racist views’, say unions Unions and charities want nursery teachers trained so toddlers can be anti-racist Tory politicians said that it was the ‘wrong way to go about’ combating racism  MP says it ‘insults white working-class people from disadvantaged backgrounds’ By Mail on … Read more

Pupils who staged protest over ‘racist’ Union Flag need to be taught about its history, say MPs 

Protesting pupils’ list of demands presented to the head – and what he has already agreed to A statement purporting to be from the pupil protesters breaks down their ‘demands’.  An extract from this document is shown below, with changes that headteacher Daniel Smith has agreed to marked by an asterisk and italics.  DISCRIMINATION   We … Read more

MPs join forces in bid to block vaccine passports plan

FORTY rebel Tories including six ex-Cabinet ministers join forces with opposition MPs in bid to block ‘divisive and discriminatory’ vaccine passports Unlikely alliance condemned vaccine passports as ‘divisive and discriminatory’  Members of coalition were organised by the pressure group Big Brother Watch Signed a pledge to oppose the idea if it is brought forward by … Read more

Covid France: Emmanuel Macron slammed by opposition MPs as third lockdown announced

Emmanuel Macron has been accused of behaving like a ‘monarch’ while presiding over ‘a disaster the like of which we’ve never seen’ after he imposed a third national lockdown.  The French president last night blamed the ‘British variant’ for creating ‘a pandemic within a pandemic’ as he finally bowed to weeks of pressure from medics … Read more

Business chiefs and MPs write letter to Boris Johnson urging him to speed up reopening our skies 

Business leaders last night united with MPs to plead with the Prime Minister to resume foreign travel. They warned that more than a million jobs were at risk if Boris Johnson failed to get Britain flying again. In letter to the PM, they said firms across the country faced devastation if planes were kept grounded. … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon says Alex Salmond ‘loves the limelight’ as MPs defect from SNP to his new party Alba

Nicola Sturgeon today accused her former boss Alex Salmond of begin an attention seeker after he launched a new rival party.  In her bluntest attack so far on the former SNP first minister his successor Ms Sturgeon accused him of launching Alba last Friday as part of a publicity campaign designed to boost his ego. … Read more

MPs call for tobacco companies to pick up the tab for cleaning butt-strewn streets

Tax cigarette giants to stub out littering: MPs call for tobacco companies to pick up the tab for cleaning butt-strewn streets New platic tax on cigarettes being considered to tackle scourge of littered butts It is made possible by a new power currently being legislated in Environment Bill  Scourge so widespread that estimated cost of … Read more

MPs eye plan to allow bosses to use Covid passports to help reopen offices after Covid pandemic

Will staff get vaccine passports for offices? MPs eye plan to allow bosses to use documents to help reopen offices after Covid pandemic Ministers considering allowing workplace vaccine passports when reopening  Employers would be able to compel staff to prove they had been vaccinated Experts say it could help to end more than a year … Read more