Allocation of mandates for the “Parliament of Municipalities”

23:00 17/05/2023 Socialists win most of the mandates, “We win together” second force Socialists also dominated in the number of mandates they secured for the “parliament” of the municipalities. In the whole country, they won 756 mandates, compared to the “Bashke Fitojme” coalition with 292. The third force for the municipal council was PD with … Read more

Rama: The opposition wants to take the municipalities hostage

15:44 12/05/2023 “Her candidates do not deserve any vote” Socialists have decided to hold the two final electoral meetings in Shkodër and Durrës this afternoon. The reason for this selection, according to the prime minister, is the philosophy with which these municipalities have been governed by the socialists and those they face in these elections. … Read more

Berisha: We win most of the municipalities

23:32 04/05/2023 “Enkelejd Alibeaj is a hostage of his brother” Sali Berisha has no doubt that on May 14 the “Together We Win” coalition will take the majority of the country’s municipalities. Invited to the show “Opinion” on TV Klan, he said that he bases this belief on the data of digital surveys. Sali Berisha: … Read more

Electronic voting and counting in 3 municipalities

13:53 17/04/2023 The Regulatory Commission approves the procedures for Elbasan, Kamza and Vora Elbasani, Vora and Kamza will be the first municipalities to release the results of the elections after voting on May 14. This is because, in these three municipalities, voting and counting of votes will be done electronically. The decision of the Central … Read more

May 14, Gjiknuri: Taking over 45 municipalities. The victory in Tirana, indisputable

17:37 10/04/2023 The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjiknuri, says that the pink headquarters will take over 45 municipalities in the local elections on May 14. He said in an interview for Klan News that it is predicted that the electoral competition of the pink seat will be in the range of 45-55 … Read more

PD of Alibeaj will compete only in 16 municipalities

15:53 ​​27/03/2023 The deadline for submitting names to the CEC ends at midnight The Democratic Party with commanding chairman, Enkelejd Alibeajn, will enter the May 14 elections with candidates for mayor only in some municipalities. After a leadership meeting that lasted until after midnight, the leadership of this political force decided to go with its … Read more

CEC: Electronic voting and counting in 3 municipalities

10:46 01/02/2023 Local elections 2023, the CEC approves the draft decision on the number and electronic voting in the municipalities of Elbasan, Kamëz and Vorë The State Commissioner of Elections is holding a public session today on several issues for reconsideration. At the start of this public session, the Central Election Commission has approved the … Read more

The winners of the primary runoff in 5 municipalities are announced

14:17 12/12/2022 The Commission for the Organization and Control of Electoral Operations of the Democratic Party announces that the run-off process for the primaries in 5 municipalities has ended. The results and winners of the competition are as follows: 1. Mirdita: 880 voters, the winner is Albert Mëlyshi with 60% of the votes; 2. Dibër: … Read more

DP conducts the runoff in 5 municipalities

23:55 11/12/2022 It competes in Mat, Dibër, Fier, Mirditë and Librazhd The Democratic Party held a run-off in 5 municipalities of the country to determine the candidates who will compete in the premises of May 14. From the preliminary results, it is learned that Ismail Uka was declared the winner in Dibër, who received only … Read more