CEC: Electronic voting and counting in 3 municipalities

10:46 01/02/2023 Local elections 2023, the CEC approves the draft decision on the number and electronic voting in the municipalities of Elbasan, Kamëz and Vorë The State Commissioner of Elections is holding a public session today on several issues for reconsideration. At the start of this public session, the Central Election Commission has approved the … Read more

The winners of the primary runoff in 5 municipalities are announced

14:17 12/12/2022 The Commission for the Organization and Control of Electoral Operations of the Democratic Party announces that the run-off process for the primaries in 5 municipalities has ended. The results and winners of the competition are as follows: 1. Mirdita: 880 voters, the winner is Albert Mëlyshi with 60% of the votes; 2. Dibër: … Read more

DP conducts the runoff in 5 municipalities

23:55 11/12/2022 It competes in Mat, Dibër, Fier, Mirditë and Librazhd The Democratic Party held a run-off in 5 municipalities of the country to determine the candidates who will compete in the premises of May 14. From the preliminary results, it is learned that Ismail Uka was declared the winner in Dibër, who received only … Read more

Today, DP primaries in 5 municipalities

08:09 11/12/2022 Today, the Democratic Party holds the elections for the Primaries within it in 5 municipalities of the country, which in the first phase resulted in a runoff. Re-voting between the two candidates in the race will take place in the Municipality of Dibra, Fier, Mirdita, Librazhdi, and that of Mati, while in Fushë-Arrëz … Read more

Vokshi presents the candidates for the PD primaries in 18 municipalities of the country (Names)

18:17 18/11/2022 The head of KOKOE, Albana Vokshi, gave a statement after the meeting of the leadership of the Democratic Party. Albana Vokshi has announced the names of the candidates for the other municipalities of the country who will run in the PD primaries. Albana Vokshi said that the presidency, after examining the candidacies, made … Read more

The Presidency of the DP approves the candidates of the primaries for 26 municipalities, the journalist: The strongest race in Tirana

20:11 15/11/2022 The presidency of the DP has approved the names of the candidates who will participate in the primaries for mayor in 26 municipalities of the country. In a direct link to the news edition on TV Klan, journalist Jolldiz Mitro has provided more details about this process that precedes the local elections of … Read more

Bylykbashi submits to the Parliament the draft law on territorial reform: We propose 97 municipalities, 61 are a failure

14:34 25/10/2022 Today, Oerd Bylykbashi submitted to the Parliament the draft law for the territorial reform proposed by the Democratic Party. In a statement to the media, Bylykbashi emphasized that the Democratic Party demands a new territorial reform with 97 municipalities, while adding that the current territorial division of 61 municipalities is a failure. During … Read more

DP opens the race for primaries in three municipalities

15:36 18/10/2022 Berisha: Strong protests, necessity The Democrats opened the primaries in three municipalities, that of Tirana, Durrës and Elbasan. From the Presidency meeting, Sali Berisha said that the process will be transparent, calling it vital for the return of the vote in the country. “It is a battle to establish the free will of … Read more

Rama: We return to Tirana for the final preparations, next week dialogue in the municipalities of Albania

12:53 15/10/2022 The next week seems to be intense for Prime Minister Edi Rama. The head of the government has shared with his followers on social networks a post where he appears with the Finnish prime minister, Sanna Marin, and says that after an inspiring congress in Berlin, he returns to Tirana for the final … Read more

The report of the majority, there is no change in the number of municipalities

15:43 11/10/2022 Socialists also reject the proposal to change the districts The two former socialist mayors contracted by the majority as experts have recommended to the territorial reform commission not to change the current number of municipalities. In their 5 recommendations, it is not even proposed to change the number of districts as requested by … Read more