Anti-masker goes on racist rant against Muslims at a Walgreens and is then arrested for spitting

Maskless social worker racially abuses and SPITS on Muslim couple in Walgreens and then calls 911 – but cops arrest her The March 31 incident began after Luba Bozanich was asked to put on a mask She proceeded to make Islamophobic, racist, and homophobic comments She also made fun of the way Nahla Ebaid dressed … Read more

Nighttime Covid jabs planned for Muslims during Ramadan

Plans for a night-time vaccine drive during Ramadan are being drawn up by No10 amid fears uptake among Muslims could plummet during the religious festival. Officials are concerned that vaccine hesitancy within ethnic minority groups could be even greater during the month-long fast, which lasts from April 12 to May 12. During Ramadan, Muslims abstain … Read more

Dominic Raab accuses China of ‘industrial scale’ abuses against Uighur Muslims

Dominic Raab today accused China of ‘industrial scale’ human rights abuses against its Uighur Muslim minority as he hardens the UK’s rhetoric against Beijing. The Foreign Secretary used a speech to the UN to demand its investigators are allowed in to Xinjiang province, where the Communist regime has been accused of committing genocide. His speech to the UN … Read more

Facebook ‘is taking money from China to promote propaganda denying crimes against Uyghur Muslims’ 

Facebook is taking money from China to promote Communist propaganda which denies atrocities against the Uyghur Muslims, an investigation has revealed. The Silicon Valley behemoth pocketed Beijing’s cash to promote articles which downplayed what Washington has called a genocide in Xinjiang, according to The Press Gazette.   China Daily and CGTN – the state-backed TV channel … Read more

Apple iPhone supplier is accused of using Uighur Muslims as forced labour in Chinese factories

Apple iPhone supplier is accused of using Uighur Muslims as forced labour in Chinese factories US-based group claims Lens Technology received thousands of Uighur labourers Watchdogs have linked so-called ‘labour transfers’ to human rights abuses  Apple denied the allegations, saying Lens was not using transferred Uighurs  By Tim Stickings For Mailonline Published: 16:09 GMT, 29 … Read more

Son of a police officer beat up by a gang of fellow Muslims for enjoying Christmas dinner

The 20-year-old Muslim son of a police officer was beaten up by a gang of five other Muslims for enjoying a Christmas dinner with his family in France. The unnamed victim was also attacked because his police officer mother is Muslim while is step father – also a police officer – is not, France’s interior minister … Read more

‘The evidence is overwhelming’: Chief Rabbi tears into China over persecution of Uighur Muslims 

‘The evidence is overwhelming’: Chief Rabbi tears into China over persecution of Uighur Muslims Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said he saw parallels between the treatment of the Uighurs and the oppression of Jews through the centuries He said the evidence painted ‘a devastating picture’ of Uighur persecution  More than one million of the Chinese Muslims … Read more

Muslims protest against Macron outside London’s French embassy

Police clashed with Muslim protesters demanding ‘respect for the Prophet’ in London today outside the French Embassy over Emmanuel Macron‘s stance on Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Demonstrators gathered in the capital holding signs that bore the words ‘We will not tolerate disrespect of our beloved prophet’, ‘The Earth’s biggest terrorist is Macron’ and ‘Insult is not freedom of speech’ as the … Read more

Dyson engineer wins unfair dismissal claim after manager told her ‘I don’t like Muslims’ 

Iranian engineer who worked for Sir James Dyson wins religious discrimination and unfair dismissal claim against the company after Sikh manager told her ‘I don’t like Muslims’ Employment tribunal heard senior manager Kamaljit Chana also told Zeinab Alipourbabaie ‘Muslims are violent’ and ‘Pakistani men are grooming our girls’ Ms Alipourbabaie, 39, resigned in 2018 after … Read more

Devout Shiite Muslims mark day of Ashura in Iraqi holy city of Najaf

Devout Shiite pilgrims were left covered in blood as they struck themselves with swords and chains during the mourning procession to mark the day of Ashura in the holy city of Najaf.  Ashura, on the 10th day of the mourning month of Muharram, commemorates the killing of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Hussein at the Battle … Read more