NASA’s UFO study recruits astronaut Scott Kelly to help explain undefined aircraft in the skies

NASA has recruited the best of the best to unravel the mysteries of unexplained natural phenomena seen in the skies with the hopes of solving hundreds of sightings. Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is famously known for spending nearly a year in space, is one of 16 team members who will comb through unclassified data of … Read more

First ‘space tourists’ to visit ISS are heading home after bad weather delayed return journey

Three wealthy investors spent 18 days in space, including two weeks on the International Space Station. They are:  López-Alegría (left) will serve as the commander of the mission and Connor (right) as pilot Larry Connor, 72, was the Ax-1 mission pilot for the trip. Connor was born in 1950 in Albany, New York, and graduated from … Read more

SpaceX astronauts name their spacecraft Freedom in tribute to first American in space Alan Shepard

SpaceX crew name their new Dragon capsule ‘Freedom’ in tribute to Alan Shepard – the first American in space – and his Freedom 7 capsule: Spacecraft will take astronauts to the ISS NASA will send the next crew to the International Space Station from April 19 With Jessica Watkins, Robert Hines, Kjell Lindgren and Samantha … Read more

NASA’s Juno spacecraft snaps a stunning photo of Crescent Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft snaps a STUNNING photo of Crescent Jupiter – a view that is IMPOSSIBLE to see from Earth, even with a telescope NASA’s Juno spacecraft has captured a stunning image of the massive gas giant Jupiter in its crescent phase The vista is impossible to see from Earth, even using a telescope, because … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance rover tries out new tech which lets it spit out piece of Mars rock

NASA‘s Perseverance rover has tried out a nifty new feature for the first time, which let it ‘spit out’ a piece of Mars rock that had been clogging its sampling tube.  The trick means that Perseverance can now continue taking samples of rock from the Red Planet to search for possible signs of ancient life.   … Read more

Black hole is spotted ‘giving birth’ to stars in a nearby dwarf galaxy

A black hole has been spotted ‘giving birth’ to stars in a nearby dwarf galaxy – suggesting the voids aren’t as violent as previously thought, NASA has revealed. Black holes are often described as ‘destructive monsters’ because they tear apart stars, consuming anything that comes too close, and hold light captive.  But new evidence from … Read more

NASA’s first moon landing since 1972 is DELAYED until 2025 due to costs and Blue Origin litigation

NASA’s first moon landing since 1972 is DELAYED until 2025: Costs and the Blue Origin litigation pushes back Artemis mission that will send the first woman and first person of color to the moon NASA announced changes in the schedule for its Artemis mission  The crewed test flight of Origin and SLS on Artemis II … Read more

NASA photos reveal ancient river bed on Mars where scientists hope to find proof of alien life 

New photographs released by NASA indicate that certain zones on Mars could host signs of alien life. Geologists found vital organic compounds in specific zones of the Jezero crater which houses an ancient river delta — near where the Perseverance rover is stationed — that could hold fossilized evidence of extraterrestrial life. Researchers, on Thursday, published … Read more