Vjosa National Park, Rama: Historic moment, we protect forever the last wild river in Europe

11:20 15/03/2023 “The Europeans who tamed their wild rivers flocked to us” The declaration of Vjosa as a National Park is a historical moment. This is how Prime Minister Edi Rama considers this decision of the Albanian Government taken 2 days ago. From Tepelena, where the activity for the Vjosa river declared a National Park … Read more

Vjosa National Park/Kumbaro: Political courage of the government, we have defied history with this decision

11:03 15/03/2023 From Tepelena, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, stated that the declaration of the last wild river in Europe, Vjosa, National Park is the result of a long and collaborative work with international partners. During her speech, Minister Kumbaro stated that this is no longer a fairy tale, but a reality … Read more

May 14, Berisha: We can go to elections with a coalition, the decision is made by the National Council

15:42 04/03/2023 After the Presidency meeting, Sali Berisha stated that the candidates of the Democratic Party will go to the local elections with a coalition. Berisha also stated that another option is for DP to compete on May 14 with independent candidates. Question: Mr. Berisha, what are the forms through which you will take your … Read more

DP, national protest on March 3. Berisha: The target is Rama, not the Court of Appeal

15:42 15/02/2023 As on March 3, the Court of Appeal is expected to decide on the fate of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha has called the next national protest. He shared the decision taken in the Presidency with the deputies of the parliamentary group, where he also defined the only objective of the revolution that … Read more

DP, national protest on March 3

16:31 14/02/2023 Klan News reports that the Democratic Party will hold another national protest on March 3rd. The protest is expected to take place on the same day that the Court of Appeal will consider the case for the right to the stamp and logo of the Democratic Party. Journalist Enkel Xhangoli has learned that … Read more

Berisha: Rama’s departure, national emergency

14:44 02/02/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, is holding a meeting with the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party. During his speech, chief democrat Berisha brought attention back to the protest called by the opposition on February 11, which he says will be the biggest in the country’s history. Berisha emphasizes that … Read more

President Begaj: The National Security Council meets on January 23

13:21 18/01/2023 The National Security Council will meet on Monday, January 23 at 2:00 p.m. The meeting was announced by President Bajram Begaj, who announced that the topic of the National Security Council meeting will be “Analysis of the state of national security and discussion of priorities for 2023” The meeting of the National Security … Read more

Berisha: The National Theater Act, a flagrant violation of the decision of the Constitutional Court

12:50 21/12/2022 “This is the only country in the world where a decision of the Constitutional Court is overturned by a decision of the government” The Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party met at noon today. At the start of this meeting, the chief democrat Sali Berisha stopped at the start of the works for … Read more