Albania could request the implementation of Article 5 of NATO against Iran, Berisha: Rama should request it for the patron Nazis

14:27 06/10/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has commented on Prime Minister Edi Rama’s statement that Albania could request the implementation of Article 5 of NATO after Iran’s cyber attack, but in the end chose not to take that action. Berisha said that Rama should ask NATO to implement this article for … Read more

Skeletons of dozens executed by the Nazis in Poland are discovered 80 years later

Dozens of men, women and children executed by the Nazis are discovered nearly 80 years later after Polish man remembered seeing families being led away to die when he was a small boy Skeletal remains of over 25 people were uncovered in Poland on Tuesday The site was discovered by an elderly resident who was … Read more

Dame Jenni Murray calls for Britain to confront its colonial history in same way Germany with Nazis

Dame Jenni Murray calls for Britain to confront its colonial history in same way Germany has with the Nazis – saying we have ‘a lot to learn from the Germans’ Former BBC Radio 4  presenter said Brits should teach its citizens about empire She praised Germany’s approach of including Nazism in art and theatre   Mrs … Read more

In the run-up to war, ‘Chips’ Channon was royally entertained by the Nazis as revealed in diaries

Like many others in 1930s Britain, Henry Channon was terrified of communism and thought Hitler was the one man who could save Europe from Stalin. At the time, Winston Churchill was one of only a few British politicians who thought Hitler posed a threat. Channon, in common with many other MPs, felt Churchill was dangerous … Read more

Van Gogh drawing once stolen from Jewish banker by Nazis on sale for £7m

A £7million Vincent Van Gogh drawing, once looted by the Nazis from a Jewish banker, is being sold by a British family of art collectors who fear they will be hit by Rishi Sunak raising capital gains tax.   The sketch on paper, called La Mousme, makes up £16million worth of works by celebrated artists including … Read more

Controversial black studies professor who claimed British Empire was ‘worse than the Nazis’

Professor Kehinde Andrews is a controversial academic who is regularly wheeled out on TV debates to air his divisive views – including that Britain is ‘built on racism’ and that ‘everyone involved in it probably has a really racist past’. The professor of black studies at Birmingham City University has branded ‘whiteness’ a ‘psychosis’, called … Read more

British Jewish spy fooled Gestapo for years before Nazis killed him

Marcus Bloom (pictured above) was a businessman before he joined the Special Operations Executive (SOE) Marcus Bloom was an unlikely spy. A bon viveur who followed a playboy lifestyle of swish apartments, expense accounts and beautiful women, he was far from the dashing, image of a secret agent. He drove a pale blue convertible Delage … Read more

Jewish refugee leaves two million euros in will to French village who hid his family from Nazis

A Jewish refugee who fled the Nazis with his family from Austria during World War II has bequeathed an undisclosed fortune to the French village whose residents hid them from persecution for years.  Eric Schwam, who arrived in Chambon-sur-Lignon with his parents and maternal grandmother in February 1943, is believed to have left around two … Read more

WWII: Enigma machine used by the Nazis to send secret messages found in the Baltic Sea

An Enigma machine — the German encryption device used by Nazi forces to send secret message during World War II — has been recovered from the Baltic Sea. Divers recovered the device at the bottom of Gelting Bay, on Germany‘s northern coast, while working to remove abandoned fishing nets that threaten marine life. Designed shortly … Read more

History GCSE ‘set for BLM revamp’: Pupils may learn about Nazis’ black victims and a Tudor trumpeter

The history GCSE curriculum is set for a Black Lives Matter revamp to teach pupils about the experiences of minorities at key moments in time.    The Telegraph reported that exam boards have been in discussion with a number of groups since the summer regarding how courses could be expanded to include more black history.  It comes … Read more