Rama for the European Union: There are no more frustrations, we work every day for the negotiations

21:57 28/04/2023 Present at the Delphi forum in Athens, Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke about Albania’s position in relation to the EU. Rama declared that there are no more “frustrations” on the part of the Albanian government after the opening of negotiations. “I don’t think we should enter the EU to strengthen relations with Greece, … Read more

Rama in Athens: Opening negotiations with the EU will help Albania

Photo illustration 18:18 28/04/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has returned to Athens again, where he is participating in the Delphi forum this Friday afternoon. The head of the government is part of a panel where foreign policy is discussed. Prime Minister Rama has focused on several issues in his speech. According to Klan News, he … Read more

Borrell interview for Tv Klan: Within the year, the first chapters of the negotiations will be opened

20:03 16/03/2023 During his stay in Tirana, the High Representative of the European Commission, Josep Borrell had the opportunity to give an interview to TV Klan. Borrell guarantees that the screening process will be completed within a few weeks and he says that within this year Albania will negotiate the first chapters with the EU, … Read more

EU: Negotiations with Albania are moving forward

23:48 17/01/2023 The analysis of the first chapters ends The delegation of the European Union in Tirana announced that the process of negotiations for Albania’s membership in the EU is moving forward. The announcement states that on Monday the process of analytical review of the first group of chapters, which focus mainly on EU fundamental … Read more

Failure of negotiations, Alibeaj convenes the Presidency

20:05 02/11/2022 Today, Alibeaj has convened the next Presidency of the Democratic Party. The developments in the blue camp are being followed by the TV Klan journalist, Jolldiz Mitro, who has given more details about what is happening. Reis Chico: Where is this meeting of Alibeaj and others being held and what leadership is it … Read more

Negotiations failed, DP MPs: Together in the elections

13:45 02/11/2022 Even though the negotiations for the union failed, democratic deputies say that in the elections of May 14, the DP should face the socialists with a common candidate. After failing to find a common language, the representative for negotiations from the Alibeaj group, Gazment Bardhi, had a short answer. “sorry”were the only words … Read more

Failure of negotiations, DP in the same scenario as on March 6

12:24 02/11/2022 After 20 days of negotiations, the DP comes out divided in these elections. Tv Klan journalist Jolldiz Mitro reported from the blue headquarters one day after the failure of negotiations between Enkelej Alibeaj’s group and the group headed by PD leader Sali Berisha. “In other words, on May 14, DP will repeat the … Read more

“It is not done by letter correspondence”, Fatmir Mediu comments on the failure of negotiations in DP

21:49 01/11/2022 Fatmir Mediu, the head of the Republican Party, invited to “Milori Live” on Klan News, spoke this Tuesday about the failure of negotiations in the Democratic Party. The announcement of the failure of the negotiations within the DP by the group led by Enkelejd Alibeaj to come up with a joint candidate of … Read more

The failure of the negotiations with the group led by Alibeaj/Berisha: Whoever touches the flag of the DP has done the calculations very badly

18:52 01/11/2022 The failure of the negotiations with the group led by Enkelejd Alibeaj to come up with a joint candidate of the Democratic Party in the May 14 elections was commented on through a statement to the media by the head of this political force, Sali Berisha. The President of the Democratic Party has … Read more

Bardhi-Paloka negotiations to come up with a joint DP candidate in the May 14 elections fail

17:08 01/11/2022 The negotiations between Gazment Bardhi and Edi Paloka to come up with a joint candidate of the Democratic Party in the May 14 elections have failed. This was announced by an official announcement from the group led by Enkelejd Alibeaj. An announcement says that the group led by Enkelejd Alibeaj “expresses regret that … Read more