50s and 60s photos show UK holidaymakers at Butlin’s camps

Incredible vintage photos dating back to the 50s and 60s show holidaymakers at Butlin’s and lounging in the sun as they enjoy the best seaside hotspots.  The nostalgia-inducing images were recently unearthed in TopFoto’s digital archives and capture a fleet of women cycling down Clacton-on-Sea’s promenade on novelty tandem bikes. The snaps also include a … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Interactive map shows deaths by postcode

An interactive map which highlights coronavirus deaths by postcode in England and Wales reveals people in the North West were dying from coronavirus at triple the rate of those in London in June.  The map, which uses Office for National Statistics data, shows that one in 20 fatalities in the capital last month were caused by Covid-19, down … Read more

Imperial College vaccine’s second round trials on 200 humans

University of Oxford Oxford University academics began developing the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine in January. It is now named AZD1222, after the researchers signed a manufacturing partnership with pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. Human trials started on April 23 and they are now in the final phase, with trials being carried out in the UK, Brazil and South … Read more

Coronavirus UK: 123 fatalities announced on Friday

Another 123 people were today confirmed to have died of Covid-19 in the UK, as SAGE admitted the reproduction rate of the virus has risen closer to the dreaded number of one in all regions of England.  NHS England revealed that 16 of today’s victims had died in its hospitals, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all … Read more

Coronavirus can infect people 26 FEET away in cold moving air, finds study

Coronavirus is able to travel more than 26 feet (eight metres) in cold environments with moving air, according to a study that recreated an outbreak in a food factory. Researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research focused on an outbreak of Covid-19 at a slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck, Germany, that infected 1,500 workers.  They found … Read more

Boris Johnson slams ‘nuts anti-vaxxers’ as he urges ‘everybody’ to get a flu jab before winter

Boris Johnson lashed out at ‘nuts’ anti-vaxxers today as he urged all Britons to get a flu jab in the run-up to winter.  Amid fears that the NHS will face a second wave of coronavirus when the weather worsens, he said the vaccination would keep vital services free to assist the worst affected. Chatting with … Read more

Brit tourists are warned air bridges could collapse at short notice leaving them facing quarantine

British tourists are warned air bridges could collapse at short notice leaving them facing 14-day quarantine on return to UK Holidaymakers can travel to 74 locations without having to quarantine in the UK The government will start putting places on a ‘red list’ at possible short notice It means you could go abroad to a … Read more

Free flu jabs will be offered to 30M people in UK this year in a bid to relieve pressure on NHS

The Government plans to double its winter flu vaccination programme to 30million people this year, with free jabs for all over-50s and children aged up to 11. Last year, around 15million people received a jab against seasonal flu but ministers hope this will rise to 30million this winter. Experts are concerned about the impact of … Read more